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Best Rn to BSN Online Nursing Programs

The demand for educated nurses with a Bachelor’s of Science degree in nursing, or BSN, is on the rise. Not only are many hospitals around the country beginning to require their nurses to hold this advanced degree, but the significant pay raise nurses enjoy after earning this credential offers a substantial incentive for working nurses complete a Bachelor’s degree. Working RNs may have concerns about how to earn their BSN degree while working full-time in their current roles; however, online RN to BSN programs provide a convenient solution to this problem.

RN to BSN online programs are an excellent path for current RNs who want to take the next step professionally, and move into a more meaningful role that offers higher earning power and more responsibility. Read on to learn what’s required to take this exciting professional step.

Difference Between an RN and a BSN


Registered Nurse

Classification: Person

A registered nurse is a qualified health professional who provides patient care in a variety of different healthcare settings. They work with other medical professionals to ensure patients receive the best treatment available. Tasks may include: taking medical histories, administering medicine, assisting with diagnostic testing, and teaching patients and families how to manage an illness or injury.


Bachelor of Science Nursing

Classification: Degree

A BSN degree allows graduates to become a registered nurses. RNs with BSN degrees take on more responsibilities or leadership roles and receives a higher salary than their ADN-holding counterparts. It requires four years of full-time learning to complete.

What is an RN to BSN Program?

A BSN gives registered nurses additional training in nursing management, community health, and new health technologies. When prospective students first begin researching options for progressing their careers, RN to BSN programs online may be confusing. Since individuals are able to become registered nurses after completing an associate degree, it might seem unnecessary to spend two more years in school. But those who elect to complete this bridge program will be able to take on supervisory roles and more responsibility at work. BSN programs also open the door to higher salaries. Those who have already completed an ADN will likely need to spend about two years in school to receive their online BSN.

Advantages of Online RN to BSN Programs

In addition to potentially higher salaries and career advancement, RN to BSN programs offer many other benefits. According to a study, BSNs rank as the second most popular major for online undergraduate students. Because the vast majority of nursing programs online are taught asynchronously and on a part-time basis, degree seekers already working in the field can complete their degree while continuing to work and balance personal obligations.

Another reason RN to BSN online programs are so popular is their affordability. Many programs allow distance learners to pay in-state tuition, regardless of their location, while also providing savings on many other associated costs of campus-based learning. Online students don’t need to worry about transportation, since they can study from anywhere with an internet connection, and those with children can spend less time finding a sitter and more time studying.

How Long Does it Take to Complete an RN to BSN Program?

Requirements for completing an RN to BSN online program vary based on both the student and the individual program they complete. The majority of online RN to BSN degrees require between 120 and 128 credits, and students who have already earned an accredited associate degree should have approximately half of those credits already completed. With that in mind, most full-time students can earn their RN to BSN online degree in approximately two years. Factors to consider when estimating your own timeline include whether you meet all prerequisite requirements and whether you’ll be studying on a full- or part-time basis.

After completing an RN to BSN online, some students may want to continue advanced study in the field. For individuals considering this path, the good news is that there are several online MSN programs, and oftentimes the degree makes it possible for graduates to move into senior roles offering more responsibility, opportunities for leadership, and higher salaries.

Lilian Sheffield

Posted on January 28, 2019