Student Loan Forgiveness: Are You Eligible?

A lot of misunderstanding surrounds the issue of student loan forgiveness. It is uncertain that you can live out your working life and fail to pay your student loan. Nonetheless, there are ways through which a certain amount of your loan can be forgiven. The discussion in this article gives more information on this aspect of student debt forgiveness and your eligibility.

1. Various ways you qualify for student debt forgiveness

Essentially, before looking into the various ways through which your student debt can be forgiven, you need to have an existing payment plan that befits your lifestyle and income. Federal debt payment plans are numerous and majority of these are income driven; in addition, more than one of the options can lead to student debt forgiveness. You career can also be a major boost in gaining forgiveness for your debts.

2. Qualification does not mean you will not pay a few loans

There are conditions arise if you are to qualify for student debt forgiveness. For instance, your qualification for a Public Service Loan Forgiveness means it is mandatory you work for nonprofit job and you should have made a minimum of 120 repayments within a span of 10 years. Regardless of the 120 low disbursements over 10 years, it shows commitment and adds to the fact that you have paid a fair amount over the duration. Nevertheless, there are income-driven payment plans that have amounts in monthly payments that are equal to nil or $ 0. If you have this type of payment plan, then you have acquired forgiveness for your student debt.

3. Your job may be a determining factor in qualifying for forgiveness for student debt

When you try to qualify for a Public Service Loan Forgiveness, your occupation will determine your eligibility. Primarily, you need to be fully employed in a public service position or a non-profit organization as a requisite to qualify for student loan pardon. As such, only payment made while working in the previously mentioned positions are regarded towards the 120 total you need for a student debt pardon.

Therefore, you have to commit at least 10 years as a public servant in the public service sector. In case you enlist in the military or get into teaching, there are greater chances that the job will work in your favor and you are guaranteed to qualify for loan forgiveness. For instance, having worked for 5 years in the teaching profession guarantees part of your Perkins or Stafford loans will be forgiven. Additionally, various military branches have different programs for student debt forgiveness.

4. Planning ahead for Student Debt Forgiveness

During the time you attend university or college, you probably know what your future career options are. In case you plan to work for the public service or a non-profit organization, then you can begin to plan how you will get your student debt pardon. Careers that guarantee students debt forgiveness include public safety, teaching, government, health care, or Peace Corps. Ensure that you keep track of all loan payments once you begin your career in order to know exactly when to apply for the student loan forgiveness program.

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Posted on May 5, 2023