Paracelsus Recovery for Depression

Paracelsus Recovery for Depression

Before talking about Paracelsus recovery for depression, it is important to explain what depression really is. In the simplest form, depression is continuous sadness, loss of interest in everything, loss of pleasure, feeling down, and general lack of motivation to do anything. Of course, these feelings are common to humans. Sometimes, when something bad happens to someone, like the loss of a loved one, these feelings may arise. It becomes a problem when they persist for a long time.

To underscore the fact that depression is a common disorder, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) once released a report showing that about 7.6% of people from 12 and above suffer from depression within any 2-week period. According to World Health Organization (WHO), the most common illness worldwide is depression and it is also the leading cause of disability. It is quite worrisome that about 350 million people are suffering from the disorder worldwide. Generally, depression lasts for about 6 to 8 months on average.


Here are the common symptoms of depression:

• Patients will generally have a low energy level.

• There may be reduced or total lack of interest in all pleasurable activities, including sex.

• Sudden weight loss due to inadequate feeding and continuous lack of appetite could occur.

• There may be either insomnia or hypersomnia (too much sleep).

• Inability to think straight or to concentrate is another sign.

• There could also be general feelings of worthlessness or hopelessness.

• Sluggishness in action and speech is a common symptom too.

• Patients of depression sometimes become restless.

• Sudden mood changes may occur.

• At a critical level, thoughts of suicide or death may lead to suicide attempts.


Causes of depression are not clear because the disorder is complicated. It usually results from several factors, not just a single one.

One of the leading causes of depression is disheartening events like medical concerns, debt, heart break, divorce, loss of job, or even bereavement. This is because some people cannot handle psychological trauma. Genetic factors also play a role in depression too. If some people in your family have encountered it, you are definitely at risk too.

Some drugs like and corticosteroids are capable of causing depression. Substance abuse can lead to depression as well, as it is a major withdrawal syndrome. Some other ailments like chronic pain can lead to depression. There are many more possible causes but these are the most common ones.

Paracelsus Recovery for Depression

While the disease is treated at several different centers, treatments offered at Paracelsus Recovery for depression is more popular than what other centers offer because Paracelsus programs for depression patients are more effective.

Paracelsus recovery programs are individualized because the therapists understand that the degree of depression is unique in different patients. Since depression usually has underlying symptoms, the causal issue is first addressed before they begin to treat the depression itself. Their approach covers the soul, mind, and the body of every patient. This is important because depression is a disorder of the mind.

They also carry out biochemical analyses and lifestyle/nutritional assessments, after which inadequacies are addressed in order to restore biochemical balance. This restoration will facilitate the full recovery of the patient from depression. In addition, Paracelsus’ treatment provides treatment for gut health and 1:1 daily therapeutic counseling sessions. To calm patients down, complementary therapies like massages, reflexology, or acupuncture are available. Self-hypnosis and meditation are some of their relaxation techniques.

To ensure that patients are not only psychologically fit but are also physically fit, they are taken through fitness training. Tai-Chi and yoga are some of their fitness training methods. Patients are also given healthy diets individually recommended by highly experienced nutritionists to ensure an all-round healthy lifestyle change.

While the treatment sometimes involves the use of medication or antidepressants, it is usually introduced only if some patients are not responding to other forms of therapy. It is administered in an individualized fashion since every patient has unique genetic parameters and body compositions, which will respond to medications uniquely.

As additional icing on the cake, patients are given luxury treats, like a personal limo with a driver. Paracelsus Recovery for depression offers a luxury residence that patients will enjoy. In addition, patients also get to enjoy some leisure activities of their choice.

Conclusively, the activities above are what makes Paracelsus Recovery programs highly effective. A current Google rating of 5 out of 5 stars speaks volumes about the quality and effectiveness of the programs.

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Posted on May 5, 2023