What You Can Do To Relieve Psoriasis

The human body is fashioned in the best possible way and your immune system is one of the best examples of nature’s ways to help you maintain your health. You are constantly threatened by different kind of diseases and infections on a daily basis. Though prevention is better than cure you may still be a victim of a disease or diseases that have gotten past your immune system. You may surprisingly be a victim of your own immune system which is apparently the first line of defense against viral and other infections.

Such conditions in which your immune system becomes ‘over protective’ may be termed as allergies. Nevertheless, they are very annoying conditions which make you linger between constant medication and treatments. There is a long list of such diseases which include; Multiple Sclerosis, Guillain-Barre syndrome, Graves’ disease, Vasculitis, and Psoriasis.

Let’s take into account Psoriasis. Present environmental degradation and other factors such as genetics contribute to this disease. It is a lasting autoimmune disease which leaves you with patches of abnormal skin on different parts of your body. It causes the skin cells to grow rapidly which results in a layer of extra skin cells often characterized by thick silvery scales and red itchy patches often accompanied by mild pain.

Not to be mixed up with a contagious disease, this ailment has links to hereditary tendencies. There is no cure to this disease as of yet which means that sufferers have to try to alleviate and reduce symptoms rather than getting rid of them altogether.

There are a lot of options available to people on the market, some are prescribed, some are over the counter, and some are more natural, but which is the best way to treat psoriasis?

Talking about the treatment options available, you can treat the disease with the help of different creams, UV light treatment, Vitamin D3 creams, and immune system-suppressing medicines. It is interesting to note that a large number of patients successfully treat the condition by the use of creams alone. Do note further that it is just a treatment and not a permanent cure. Oral medications are accompanied by topical treatment (skin care creams) in case of severe conditions.

Topical treatment options include topical corticosteroids which are anti-inflammatory drugs effective in most cases of mild to moderate Psoriasis. Your dermatologist may prescribe you different corticosteroids on the basis of sensitivity and severity of the condition.

Anthralin is also an option which works on a very basic level. It aims to stabilize the DNA in the affected area. With a drawback of staining almost anything it comes in contact with, this treatment is highly recommended under expert medical advice.

Coal Tar is one of the nonconventional treatments available for this treatment and is probably very old. It is available in different retail shampoos, and oils. However, it is not prescribed without expert medical advice.

Different light therapies can also help reduce this disease. Options available are sunlight treatment, UVB phototherapy, Goeckerman therapy, Excimer laser and other such treatments are available at hand. You may want to consider one of these after suitable prescription. Overexposure to sunlight may worsen the condition rather than treating it though. The same goes for other phytotherapies.

Lastly, we have different oral medications available. Such options include; Retinoids, , Biologics (immune altering drugs), and different experimental drugs. Proper medication under strict medical guidance is sure to relieve you of your suffering. A positive attitude towards the disease and willpower to combat it are two key ingredients to fight any disease.

Nature has given humans many products which can help you fight the disease. Those who believe in ‘food for medicine’ may consider still another option which is organic food. Different food sources are rich in minerals and vitamins necessary to cure the disease. A daily use of honey can do wonders for not just Psoriasis but many other diseases. Likewise, green vegetables and fresh fruits are options worth considering.

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Posted on May 5, 2023