10 Best Small SUVs And Crossovers 2016

The car-based crossovers have revitalized the markets for sports utility vehicles since this new breed has combined the truck-like utility that people prefer the car-like comfort as well as better fuel economy that they expect.

Featured Image: Nissan.co.uk, Nissan, Nissan SUVs, Nissan Qashqai SUV, Japanese Cars

Featured Image: Nissan.co.uk

The old-school and truck-based SUVs still remain to be the default choice both for towing and the rugged off-road adventures. However, crossovers are also becoming more capable for these tasks.

Featured Image: Caranddriver.com

Featured Image: Caranddriver.com

Overall, these utility vehicles appeal to most consumers who are looking for that extra-spacious passenger package along with an easy to access place for their cargo.

As the number of super-sized, truck-based SUVs continues to dwindle, the crossover subcategory is among the fastest-growing automotive segments. Here are the 10 best small SUVs and crossovers 2016.

Posted on May 5, 2023