The Most Expensive Cars in the World

1. Koenigsegg CCXR Trevita – $4.85 million

This car looks like every single coin of the $4.85 million it’s worth! What makes it the idol machine is that only two of its kind were made; just one being certified as US-Legal. Professional boxer Floyd Mayweather seems to have gotten to this Us-Spec Trevita one first;definitely top of the list of other very willing potential owners of this precious metal. He is definitely a very lucky man and a proud one at that.
Contrary to the dark Matte gray appearance that comes with carbon fiber body panels,Koenigsegg CCXR Trevita is coated with a very pricey sounding and unique coated fiber solution that otherwise enables it to have a shiny, bright carbon fiber exterior which is certainly very easy on the eye.

2. The Lamborghini Veneno Roadster – $4.5 Million

If you remember nothing else about the Lambo Veneno, let this fact sink in. This gorgeous 740 horsepower muscle of machine has no roof! No soft top, no foldable hard top, no roof at all! As this may be a concern to some interested potential owners, I bet anyone willing and able to pour $4.5 million into a machine probably also owns a fleet of roofed cars and may just be looking to feel the wind blow on a sunny afternoon.

3. McLaren P1GTR – $3.1Million

Nothing screams race car than a 986 horsepower turbocharged v8 Motor fitted with an extra electric boost sourced from an onboard motor. This super expensive British car is a speed beauty.Suffice to say it was sold in the same lively as the non-ignorable 1995 F1 GTR Le Mans winning car. The irony, however, is none of McLarens P1GTR has ever been raced.

4. Ferrari FXX K – $3 Million

Ferrari, Ferrari…who doesn’t want a Ferrari?!This is ultimately everybody’s dream car. But who wouldn’t fancy a 1036 horsepower, an electric motor, a gasoline motor and wait for it! Tons of aero! I bet you knew you needed it all along. See how Mc LAREN P1GTR is the ultimate race car, now Ferrari FXX K is the ultimate track car! But it definitely does not come cheap and unless you can put that $3 Million on the table, you really might need to set more realistic goals. Unfortunately, even if you had it now, the only 40 produced Italian tracks of this kind are all gone. Back to those more realistic goals, kindly.

5. The Pagani Huayra BC – $2.6 Million

The Pagani Huayra BC is made for the wild! This metal is super light and extremely high powered bearing more aero bits fixated all around the car than you would see in a normal Huayra. Now, about this car, you might actually be still able to buy it; But only the roadster version as the 20 BC coupe’s are all long gone. I am breaking hearts.

6. Ferrari F60 – $2.5 Million

Ferrari, Ferrari, more Ferrari! So, on their 60th birthday, The Ferraris decided to build a 730 horsepower, F 12 coupe roofless car to celebrate their birthday. How cool is that! The thing is however, they only made 10 of them which were already sold by the time they told anyone they were even making it. It’s a cool car though and we definitely noticed the slightly changed up front end.

7. Aston Martin Vulcan – $2.3 Million

If you are into British cars, are okay with an 800 horsepower and have $2.3 Million to spare, then this might just be what you might need. The only slight problem might be however that all of the 24 made Aston Martin Vulcans are already under claim, so you might want to continue looking though it might be hard to match the high-powered, lightweight experience all a Vulcan offers.

Featured Image: Pixabay/ ecr/ CCby

Posted on May 5, 2023