4 Great Back Exercises You Can Try At Home

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Nearly all personal trainers usually agree on one simple thing: even by using the most diverse workout programs, most of their clients forget to take care of their backs. Women are usually guilty in making this fitness mistake, partly due to the misconception that they can always bulk up if they lift a lot of weights.

Back exercises will help you to get your back ready in less time. Just incorporate them into your workout 2-3 days during the week alongside additional exercises which target the rest of the body, for full-body conditioning and strength. Below are great back exercises that you can always try at home: these are super easy:

1. Dumbbell one-arm overhead squat

This refers to a full-body exercise which will make you to feel strong from the head to toe. During this back exercise, you work the legs with the squats while targeting your lower and upper back with overhead lifts.

  • Hold the dumbbell in every hand, a single dumbbell weighing two times the other (for instance, if one dumbbell weighs 5 pounds, the other dumbbell should weigh 10 pounds). You should be capable of standing with your feet and shoulder-width apart while the toes should point straight ahead.
  • Hold the lighter dumbbell overhead in the nondominant hand, with a heavy dumbbell in between the legs while keeping the 2 arms straight. You should then push your hips backwards and lower yourself up until the upper thighs become parallel with the floor.
  • Rise to the starting position and do 1-2 sets of 15 repetitions. You should then switch arms before repeating the process.

2. Dumbbell one-point row

This exercise usually works the core muscles and your back while challenging your body balance. If you find the exercise quite difficult, then perform this row with toes touching to the floor.

  • Holding the dumbbell in every hand, balance the weight on the left foot, bend forward at your hips and then raise your right leg in order that it forms the letter T with your left leg and torso. Your right leg and chest should be parallel towards the floor while the shoulders should square it to the floor.2
  • Hold your weights below the shoulders, arms straight (just remain balanced on the left leg). You should then pull the weights right upwards to your sides while keeping the that shoulders usually square towards the floor.
  • Slowly the lower so as to start (you’re still balanced just on a single leg) and then repeat for 8 repetitions. Switch the legs and then repeat the process for 8 repetitions.

3. Lat pullover

This is a basically a complete upper-body exercise which emphasizes on your lats (muscles which help you in pulling your arm back and down).

  • Lie on the back or on the bench (or floor in case you do not have any bench), feet flat on the floor (or bench) with the knees bent. You should hold a given weight in the two hands or in both hands with your arms straight upwards. After this, lower the weights back behind the head until the arms get in line with the torso and it’s parallel towards the floor. In case you aren’t using a bench, you should lower the arms until weights are above but they do not touch the floor .2
  • Keeping the arms straight, pull the arms to the starting position over the chest. As one reaches the the start position, always think about tightening lat muscles. You should do 1-2 sets of more than 15 repetitions.

4. Back extensions

A stronger lower back reduces the risk of injuries to the vertebral discs. This back exercise is also referred to as prone cobra.

  • Lie face-down on the mat or a well-padded floor with arms straight by the sides, palms up and the forehead facing to the floor. The topmost part of the feet ought to be relatively flat against the floor.2
  • Slowly lift the shoulders and head off the training floor, lifting the arms, squeezing the shoulder blades together before holding it for 5 seconds. Lower towards the start position and then do 1-2 sets of more than 15 repetitions.

Sourced from: sheknows

Photo: Thinkstock/Zdenka Darula

Posted on May 5, 2023