Can You Remember These Ugly 90’s Cars?

Let us be very honest: Many of the car designs throughout the 90’s were plain, even bordering on mundane. These cars had no special designs compared to those released in 2000’s. Undeniably, there is no exact comparison between these cars and the latest cars since many people would not even bother to purchase them anymore.

The truth is, some folks would purchase these ugly cars just to keep memories, but they do not heavily depend on them for transport. To be fair, the 90s had some of the most wickedly cool super cars, but those were outnumbered by the blasé amount of economy cars, as they always are. Here is a list of cars, which were not bad to drive, but sincerely were hard to see:

Porsche 911 (996)

The 996 is largely known as the most disgraceful to the 911 family. It came out of a moment where Porsche was not at its financial peak and it showed. The stylish tend to be carried over from the famous Boxster, the cheapest Porsche in the market at that time that made it very unattractive to 911 owners of the preceding generations. Not to mention every issue that arose with Porsche’s initial generation was related to water-cooling technology.

Chevrolet Lumina

After the first time you drive a Chevy Lumina, you will probably have the extreme urge to take a very long shower to fully cleanse yourself due to its unmistakably poor interior design and even the driving experience. Being absorbed by the simply stitched 90’s cloth which the driver’s seat was wrapped in and surrounded by items like the leftover cigarette odors from the preceding owners certainly did not help at all.

Ford Explorer

To be entirely fair, the Explorer’s bad rep arose mostly from the Firestone tire failure fiasco. We are of course talking about the minor issue Firestone and Ford faced when Ford had to replace about 13 million tires due to critical tread separation issues that caused 240 deaths and close to 3,000 related injuries. Back in the 90’s, you would be lucky to go 5 miles on the interstate without noticing one of these rolled over on its side.

Land Rover Discovery II

Whether you are dealing with a blown head gasket or even swapping out your specific u-joints to help prevent your drive shaft from flying off, it is often something with the Discovery. The early few generations were very miserably unreliable which by the time Land Rover was fully ready to release their third generation; they discovered that they had to change the name of the model in one of their largest markets. This happened because the negative thoughts which came to the minds of many American consumers when they discuss the name Land Rover Discovery.

Ford Aspire

There was nothing closely outstanding about the Ford Aspire. I am very sure the only reason why it had double airbags standard was because Ford needed to provide consumers some minimal chance of false hope which they might be able to easily survive any kind of accident that could happen with this egg-shaped machine of total sadness. Getting over the awful name, this was an egg on wheels! An egg cart, if you will!



Featured Image Source: Photo by Jean-Jacques MARCHAND / CC by

Posted on May 5, 2023