On a Diet? Steer Clear of These Drinks

Everyone and anyone knows that alcoholic beverages add weight to our waists. Who doesn’t know this? We all know that these drinks cause massive calorie intake and gain. Some drinks are not worth spending on, simply because they contain so many pesky and heavy calories. The video above covers what drinks to avoid.

The video studies, “calorie ratio” and the amount of alcohol inside of the drink; these two factors are analyzed. The video aides viewers and discusses which alcoholic beverages to avoid if you are in fact keeping an eye on your caloric intake. Find out which alcohols are ruining your diet!


It all comes down to preference, there is plenty of individuals out there who prefer beer over cocktails, perhaps you happen to be a strict wino? There is no particular pattern.

Picture Fit Youtube channel has been able to explain in-depth, which alcohols are ruining your diet.

There’s a good amount of dark beer that is on the market; keep in mind, this type of beer has a very high-calorie count. “Calorie-heavy beers like dark porters and stouts or pale ales”[1], etc. all have the same thing in common – they add excessive calories to our bodies and act as our greatest enemies to losing weight.


Remember, the higher the alcohol content, the higher the calories. Light beers on the contrary, happen to have a lower calorie count. It’s also important to know, lighter beers have a lower calorie count but this alone should not fool an average drinker because but they are also priced at the same costly rate a drink with more alcohol content is.

Overall, ciders happen to be the worst when it comes to calories. They have less alcohol content than light beers and a higher dosage of calories vs. a dark brewski! Opting for a light lager over a dark malty beer is sure to give you more bang for your buck. In order to gain the same alcoholic content that a dark beer provides, an individual will need to down more light beers overall, but the pricing factor will be less costly.


So you happen to be a cocktail lover? The best drinks that a cocktail drinker should opt for are drinks that have the least amount of ingredients, to say the least. Make sure the sugar content is at a minimum, switch to diet-coke over non-diet coke, and remember to choose cocktail drinks that have lime.

Drinks that automatically come with a lime as an extra ingredient include: mojitos and margaritas. A lime does not pack all of the extra fillers that other drinks do. A lime gives flavoring, but doesn’t add extra packed calories, it’s also least expensive which means it does not eat into your finances and prevent you from investing in a proper diet.. Every avid alcoholic connoisseur should know that the key to getting the most pow for your dollar, is by ordering a stiff glass of alcohol.

Featured Image Source: Thinkstock/John Lund/Annabelle Breakey

Posted on May 5, 2023