Symptoms and Causes Of Heartburn

What is it?

Whether one is enjoying a nice dinner with family or having a barbecue, there is nothing worse than getting heartburn symptoms right after. Heartburn or acid indigestion as some people call it tends to strike about 20% of the American population at least once a week. As of today when most people have a heart ache or they feel a burning sensation in their heart, right away they know heartburn is the culprit.

Since having big meals is so common nowadays, heartburn has become a very common thing. In fact, it’s so common that as a result almost every American has heartburn medicine in their house in case an unpleasant burning sensation or heart ache might come their way. Furthermore, it’s known that heartburn symptoms are always related to food. As a result, it’s the only thing that can ruin a good meal or a nice Superbowl food fest. This is something everybody is actually familiar with, mainly because everybody at one point or another has been found guilty of eating in excess.

What Causes Heartburn?

Heartburn is said to be the result of eating an excess amount of food. At times, when a celebration is taking place and food is very abundant, one tends to overeat in such a way that a heart ache follows right after the common heartburn symptoms. Besides feeling a heart ache or a burning sensation in the heart, one of the other common heartburn symptoms is an acidic throat.

Usually when heartburn symptoms start, it first gives the chest a burning sensation, followed by a burning sensation in the esophagus as well as the throat. Additionally, the stomach becomes very grumpy and starts releasing acid in all directions. The acid is the best and only way the stomach can tell the host to stop eating. Some scientists refer to it as safety mechanism built into the stomach. At such circumstance, the host immediately stops eating and tends to sit down in order to relax and let the stomach properly digest the food it has.

Avoiding the Burning Sensation

Being such a common sensation in today’s world, heartburn is one of the most common medical problems people experience. In addition, it also is the leading cause of heart ache. Many people believe that when they have a heart ache the reason behind it is a heart attack. This belief is quite misinterpreted quite often as the primary cause of a heart ache is heartburn. As a result, it’s a very good idea to eat healthy and in moderate portions.

It is recommended to eat five small meals every day, instead of two big meals. Some people tend to overeat at times not knowing what the result of such action will be. Additionally, it’s also recommended to be physically active since it makes the body stronger and allows it to process food much faster than someone who is not. Other recommendations are to make sure not to go to sleep right after eating. Going to bed full does not give the stomach ample time to process the food it has. Since during that moment the host is laying down, it causes some of the acid from the stomach to spread to the heart and then to the throat causing a serious heart ache at times making it one of the most common heartburn symptoms.

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Posted on May 5, 2023