Getting an Artificial Intelligence Degree

The field of artificial intelligence is a highly specialized concentration within the larger computer science discipline. It is a cross-disciplinary degree program combining components from computer science, philosophy, engineering, and even seemingly outlying subjects such as linguistics or psychology. While the first images that might come to mind when discussing artificial intelligence typically involve robots, there are many other areas that benefit from AI application. For instance, voice commands for cell phones (or any other electronics, for that matter) utilize a program that must process and understand correctly speech patterns and natural language. Complex artificial Intelligence research into linguistics and computer process allows for these spoken commands to initiate computer responses in a seemingly simple and intuitive way.

Those interested in pursuing a degree in artificial intelligence must complete the necessary coursework and certifications to prepare them for a career in the field. Coursework includes such topics as logic programming, genetic algorithms, natural language processing, neural networks, and other specialized systems or network classes. These classes will give students the basic foundation in key areas of professional computing and database structures as well as general structural system overviews. Further along in students’ academic paths will be opportunities to expand upon these basic programming skills for use in awareness systems and finally individually specific specialist areas with personal projects.

Graduates of artificial intelligence programs might have a highly specified career path; however, the number of institutions looking to higher them varies widely from academic research institutions to industrial research and development groups where their skill sets are in high demand throughout the country. Because of the interdisciplinary nature of the programs, students usually graduate with background studies relevant to other fields such as psychology, philosophy, mathematics, and even various other humanities subjects, which make them highly competitive outside the artificial intelligence circuit as well.

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Posted on May 5, 2023