4 Amazing Cryptocurrency WordPress Plugins

Whether you have gotten on the bandwagon or not, the staying power of cryptocurrencies is now undeniable. If the success and popularity of payment systems like Bitcoin and Ethereum are any indications, cryptocurrencies are the future of online payments.

Even huge online merchants such as Amazon and eBay are soon going to be accepting cryptocurrencies as a method of payment. Studies show that nearly 6 million people already have a cryptocurrency wallet, and this number is only expected to rise exponentially.

So, at this point, you may be legitimately interested in adopting Bitcoin as a valid method of payment for your online business or even just display Ethereum exchange rates live on your site. If so, consider checking out some of these excellent cryptocurrency WordPress plugins for your website.

Accepting Bitcoin as a Payment Method

If you’re interested in adopting cryptocurrencies as a valid form of payment, prior to thinking about any plugins, you first need to register for a payment platform such as BitPay that enables the transactions of cryptocurrency payments, which is usually referred to as a cryptocurrency wallet.

BitPay is a prime example as it is effortless and straightforward to set up a payment system on your WordPress site using BitPay, which is also compatible with most online retail plugins like WooCommerce. One drawback of BitPay is that the service only works for Bitcoin transactions. So, if you have an interest in accepting other popular cryptocurrencies such as Litecoin or Ethereum, another good option is CoinPayments.

Here are the cryptocurrency WordPress plugins you should consider installing:

#1 GoUrl

GoUrl is an open-source payment platform that enables merchants and websites to safely make Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin transactions (more cryptocurrencies are available). The payment gateway provides users with a free WordPress plugin that is capable of working with numerous other plugins, including WooCommerce. It is super easy to install the plugin on your website to begin accepting Bitcoin transactions immediately.

#2 CryptoWoo

CryptoWoo is an elegant and exceptional plugin that is capable of processing automated cryptocurrency transactions. The plugin can be used in tandem with WooCommerce to take Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Litecoin, and many more cryptocurrency payments.

CryptoWoo is unique in its ability to process your transactions without redirecting your users to another platform. Moreover, CryptoWoo does not charge any transaction fees. The plugin costs $34 per website.

#3 Coin Table

We are all aware that Bitcoin and Ethereum exchanging is a highly trending topic nowadays while everyone’s out to find a way to hit the jackpot taking advantage of the gift that is the cryptocurrency craze. So, if you are running a finance site or platform, this particular plugin may be a treasure trove for you.

Simply put, Coin Table is a content management platform that you can incorporate into your WordPress site to display live data of upwards of 1000 cryptocurrencies in 150 fiat currencies. The plugin costs $39 per website, which is a one-time payment and very much worth it.

#4 Give

If your business or website is non-profit and runs on donations, Give is simply your best plugin option in the cryptocurrency payment department. Give is easily the most user-favorite donation plugin offered on WordPress that enables one-time as well as recurring cryptocurrency contributions.

Give also comes with a Stripe add-on that can accept both credit card and cryptocurrency payments. Although the plugin is free to install, the Stripe add-on has a price of $62 per website with a fee of 2.9% in addition to $0.30 per transaction.

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Posted on May 5, 2023