8 Tools To Help Your Small Business Think And Act Big!

Congratulations on starting your own business! Now that the hard part is done, you probably need some personal loans to fund your business. There are some great places to get a personal loan (even personal loans with no questions asked) but you probably want to keep debt as low as possible. The amount of money you need to spend on your own business may not be small, but there are various options to help reduce the costs.

Thanks to technology, your expenses may be greatly reduced by using these tools. These is some software that offers great services, and the good thing is, you don’t have to pay much money them! Some tools are even free of charge!  All you need is a good computer, tablet, or smartphone, and let the tools do the work for you.


For only $5 a month, this tool can give you a financial report, creating digital image receipts or reporting your finances in a chart form. You don’t have to pay an employee to make financial reports for you. The reports are easy to read, it’s an awesome deal, you significantly reduce your expenses, and keep your finances and spending organized.

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Are people dozing off during your presentations? Are you, tired of seeing the same slideshow template over and over again? It’s time to spice things up. Your presentations and slideshows are about to get a lot more aesthetically pleasing, and even fun to create! You can even make edits on your iPhone if you download the iOS app, or use it on the web. With a free trial, you’re bound to get hooked. Rather than hiring a professional graphic designer, save a significant amount of money through this presentation software app.


This is a free tool that you can use to set up conference calls internationally. You do not need to create an account to use it. International clients can get a local number too, so this is a great deal for you. Even if your employees are not international, it may be more convenient to hold a meeting online!


Freshbooks is accounting software. You can hire it as your own accountant, as it can track the average time your clients take, create invoices, and make a profit or loss statement instantly. For a month, this software cost $19.95 for twenty five clients, which is perfect for a small business starting off with just a few clients.


This is a tool that let your clients contact you wherever you are. It works as a virtual phone system to route your business’ local and toll free numbers to your cellphone. There are some extensions you can add as you please. For 500 minutes, it costs you a monthly fee of $24.

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This software is meant to increase employee engagement. Each week, employees take 15 minutes to answer questions on what they’re working on, how they’re feeling, and more. You, as the employer or manager, take 5 minutes to respond to what they have written and address any concerns, taking action when necessary. This is great if you’re looking to promote a positive culture within your company, help your company grow, and maximize productivity.


Does having to monitor various communication platforms frustrate you? Well, it doesn’t have to, and the answer is Slack. You can use this tool to organize your communication better. Slack keeps every conversation in one place, so it will make your communications a little bit easier. If you need to organize message, email or apps, then this is a good tool for you.The good thing is, you can use this tool for free. You just need to pay about six dollars per month for advanced service. If basic service is good enough for you, then this will cost you nothing.


Trying to schedule a meeting can be exceedingly and unnecessarily difficult. Instead of a never ending exchange trying to arrange a time to meet, allow ScheduleOnce to send your filled calendar to everyone who needs it. While they can see when you will be free, they cannot, however, see what you are doing when you are not available. You can use this tool to pick a meeting and everyone will know that you are not free at that time. It’s great because it saves time and energy for everyone involved!

Sourced from: Time

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Posted on May 5, 2023