How a Business Phone Service will Benefit you

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A business phone service can be a great tool for any small business owner who may not yet be large enough to justify the luxury of a receptionist. Trying to decide whether or not a business phone service is worth it? The benefits aren’t just 8-5, they’re 24-7. Using a business phone service can have tangible benefits for a business owner, even when he or she is done working for the day.

You Have a Phone Number That Is Separate From Your Personal Number

Having a phone number that handles only business calls can help you keep your life organized, and compartmentalized. When you keep your business contacts and your personal contacts separate, you don’t run the risk of sending a personal text message to a client or a confidential file to a personal contact. Some services allow you to create a custom message that professionally represents your business.

Clients Leave a Message at the Office That Can Go to Your Cell Phone

Instead of your cell phone ringing, while you are out on a date or at your child’s piano recital, the phone will ring at the office. You can set your phone service to send a message to your cell phone. This lets you see that you have a message without interrupting your event. If the message is important, you can call back the instant that you’re free. For less urgent calls, you can just return the call the next day when you get to the office.

Integrated Phone Services May Cost Less Than a Receptionist

Having an office phone service enables you to create a custom extension for your employees. If a client needs to talk to your partner or a specific account manager assigned to help that client, getting in touch with the appropriate employee is as easy as dialing an extension.

You won’t need to hire someone to answer the phone and take messages, there will be no worrying that the message gets to its intended recipient in a timely manner. More importantly, since a message can be left with the phone service 24/7, clients and potential new customers can call during evening or weekend hours when a receptionist who works 8-5 wouldn’t be able to answer the phone.

Instead of your cell phone ringing all hours, night and day or only being able to reach you during office hours, a phone service enables customers to call whenever they need something. Ultimately, a phone service can make your business more professional, successful, and profitable.

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Posted on May 5, 2023