Graphic Design Myths You Should Stop Believing

You’ve likely heard a slew of misconceptions pertaining to graphic design as an occupation. It’s safe to assume that most of what you’ve heard isn’t true so, we’ve compiled the five most common graphic design misconceptions. Go ahead and forget everything that you think you know.

Graphic Design is an Easy Job

People with no experience in graphic design often assume it’s an easy occupation. They simply see the end product and assume it only took five minutes to whip up on the computer. These people are wrong. Not only does extensive creative and technical planning go into every graphic design project, but it also involves lots of client juggling, late night revisions, and on-call emergencies. In fact, many people decide graphic design is not the right career for them after they realize just how much work goes into it.

Graphic Design Requires a Degree

While a degree does look nice on an applicant’s resume, it is not exactly required. Some clients and agencies will obviously prefer that applicants have an education to back their work, but in many cases, the portfolio is what employers and clients want to see. It doesn’t matter if you’re applying for an ad agency or gunning for a single client, your skill is the most important requirement.

You Need to be Certified to Find Work

Another common misconception that novice or aspiring graphic designers have is that they need to be professionally certified by a union or organization in order to practice. Like with a degree, certification can’t hurt you, but it is not something clients and ad agencies think is absolutely necessary. Once again, the portfolio, skill, and experience are what bring in jobs.

Graphic Design is Basically Tech Support

For some reason, people automatically assume that graphic designers are good with the technical side of computers. While graphic designers must know how to use a computer at a basic level, they are actually only required to know how to use design software extensively. There are many designers who can create jaw-dropping work or realistic 3D renderings of objects but don’t know how to update the drivers on their computers.

Work is Consistent and Plentiful

Lastly, it’s easy to assume that work will be consistent and plentiful once you break into the field. This is hardly the case. Graphic design is a saturated, cutthroat field, and therefore the most talented, experienced designers have the most work. Building a clientele base doesn’t happen overnight. In order to find substantial work, you will need to spend some time checking into the latest trends and news in graphic design. This will give you an idea of what you’re up against so you can be competitive with other designers.


Featured Image Source: DepositPhotos / © pressmaster

Posted on May 5, 2023