5 Questions You Should Ask Your Accident Lawyer

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Recovering from a major injury is tough enough on its own, but those that begin to fall behind on bills or find their medical fees piling up with no help in sight are in for a much more complicated situation. After an injury, such as a back injury due to a car accident, victims hope to be fairly compensated by those that are at fault, but this is not always the case. When these legal situations begin to unfold, it is important to have a list of question that will help you narrow it down to a world-class legal defense.

  1. How are Your Fees Calculated?

    This is the single most important question as it can have a long-lasting impact on you and even the case itself. Most injury lawyers are going to require either a short upfront fee or only asked to be paid if damages are being awarded. In the event that the attorney only asks for payment after winning the case, you can rest assured that a professional has taken a close look at the facts of your case and decided there is a high likelihood of success.

  2. What Costs Can I Expect?

    Even if the individual’s legal representative does not require an upfront payment, there are a wide variety of costs that could accrue over time. This begins with court fees that are almost always covered by the person filing the claim. The type of claim being filed and the state in which the trial will be held will dictate how much will be paid in court fees.

  3. What are My Potential Damages?

    After an attorney has taken a close look at the case, they will have a better idea what damages will most likely be awarded. Typically, this almost always includes medical expenses that have accrued, court fees, and legal fees for the lawyer themselves. From this point, there may be a number of other damages awarded for things such as ongoing physical therapy or even pain and suffering.

  4. Who Will be Working on My Case?

    Most lawyers are going to be backed by a larger team of specialists and these assistants are often pivotal to the success of a case. It is perfectly acceptable for you to ask which other specialists will be working on your case and in what capacity they will be working on it.

  5. How Often Will I be Updated on the Progress of My Case?

    Few things can be as aggravating as beginning a civil trial only to feel as if your lawyers isn’t doing anything after the initial papers have been filed. Before ever choosing an attorney, you should ask your legal representative how often you will be updated on the case. You should also be given multiple methods in which you can contact the firm in the event of an emergency.

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Posted on May 5, 2023