Simple Ways to Increase your Gas Mileage

Increase your Gas Mileage, Gas Mileage

You might have found your dream car but if it eats your gas like crazy is it really worth it? Most people want to keep the car so instead of giving it up have decided to figure out how to reduce gas mileage! There are actually quite a few different things you can do to keep your cash in your pocket instead of your engine!

  • Consider changing your tires to steel-belted radials. These will pay for themselves over a couple of months time, with the money you will save on gas. Steel-belted radials increase gas mileage up to 10 percent!
  • Take everything out of your car that isn’t necessary. If you have things in your trunk, back seat, floorboard, etc, take them out. Every 250 pounds of extra weight consumes an extra mile per gallon!
  • Like to start your car and let it warm up? Don’t! When you let your car idle even for more than one minute, it wastes more gas than restarting it. Simply waiting until you are ready to leave, and don’t sit around visiting people with your car in idle. This will help you save money on gas.
  • This one everyone knows, but it bears repeating – slow down! Try driving at 55 mph instead of 65 mph. This will help to increase your gas mileage tremendously. Did you know that slowing down will save you 2 miles per gallon? This doesn’t sound like much, but it will add up quickly!
  • Reduce drag when you are driving. You can do this by keeping your windows rolled up, not hauling boats, suitcases, etc on top of your car. Open windows and anything that causes drag can reduce gas mileage by 10 percent!

All these easy steps can improve gas mileage with ten to fifteen percent but the majority of people use another, very operative method, that involves changing their car to run on water. If you change your car to run on water, you will improve your gas mileage with at least 50-60% and only need some small parts fixed to the engine.

Of course there are always fuel additives to help increase gas mileage, and there are even some new inventions that will help you save at the pump! Be smart, use common sense and don’t drive unless it’s necessary. It used to be that people would take a drive for pleasure, but not so much anymore. Follow some of these suggestions and try out some of the new inventions. You may find that you can save money on gas and increase your gas mileage.

Featured Image Source: Thinkstock/ViktorCap

Posted on May 5, 2023