Relief of Chronic Constipation

It may be easy to share how much you’re suffering from your sore throat but not so easy to do the same when it comes to your digestive issues. If you haven’t relieved yourself in a few days it can start to feel like a dirty little secret. However, constipation is not something to be embarrassed about. Pretty much everyone ever has suffered from constipation once, and understands just how debilitating it really is. Rather than running red-faced to the pharmacy, you should try out some simple home remedies that will help relieve some of the discomforts, and prevent it from coming back.

1. Oil

That’s right, it gets more than cars running. Pure olive oil is not only a healthy and tasty fat but it can also relieve you from constipation. It is not really surprising considering what olive oil’s texture and consistency are like. Olive oil stimulates your digestive system and thus gets things moving in your colon. If olive oil is used regularly in your diet it can also prevent constipation in the future.

2. Get Juicy

The citric acid found in lemon juice stimulates your digestive system, and it can also help in flushing out toxins and undigested materials which may have built up along the walls your colon. If the juice is mixed with water it reduces the intensity of the lemon flavor and is also useful in getting you the necessary fluids required to get everything moving normally again.

3. Molasses Makes the World go Round

Blackstrap molasses has been used by many people suffering from chronic or occasional constipation. The reason blackstrap molasses is so effective for chronic constipation relief is because of the way it’s prepared. Regular molasses is basically pure sugar cane juice that is boiled to concentrate and crystallize the sugar. Boiling results in the blackstrap molasses containing significant amounts of minerals and vitamins specifically magnesium, which helps relieve constipation.

4. Coffee is Your Friend

Besides giving off heavenly aromas, and dragging you out of your morning/ afternoon/ slash 24/7 slump, coffee can also help relieve your constipation. Being a natural stimulant caffeine is good for your digestive system. By having a cup or two every day you can guarantee movement in your bowels. However, too much of it can actually give you the opposite result. This is because coffee is a diuretic and causes you to urinate more frequently (or dehydrates you). It can draw water from your bowels that should have been used to soften your stool.

5. Get Moving

These days our lifestyle involves a lot of dietary changes that increase the rate of constipation along with the fact that we don’t do as much exercise as we should. Though there is no exact scientific reason that explains why a lack of exercise is linked with constipation, we can assume that body movements help in getting the smooth muscle in the colon moving as well. However, you should wait for up to an hour after having meals before exercising. There are also some specific stretches and workouts that help with constipation

6. Go Natural

A diet that is generally healthy helps improve pretty much everything, this is because our bodies know the best way to process natural foods such as fruits, grains, veggies, and roughage as compared to how it does with refined or artificial foods. Natural foods contain fiber which cannot be digested, therefore the fiber acts like a sponge. Drawing water from its surroundings makes it swell, thus softening and adding bulk to the stool which in turn passes out. Just Like coffee, other types of fiber can contribute lead to constipation, so it is advisable that you always drink a lot of water. Some good fiber-filled foods include

      • Beans
      • Pears,
      • Whole grain bread
      • Broccoli

7. Get Some FLAXitive

Flaxseed oil is one of the best home remedies for constipation. It coats the walls of the intestine, as well as the stool. It also increases the amount of bowel movements you have. Mixing oil with your orange juice in the morning is good for constipation, this is because oranges with pulp contain fiber in them. You can also get flaxseeds that you can sprinkle over meals.

8. Aloe

Although Aloe is well known to soothe small cuts and burns, it can also calm your stomach. It is recommended that you use pure aloe Vera gel taken straight from the plant as it is more concentrated than processed aloe juice. However, you should not use more than two tablespoons at a time. Drinking aloe juice can also provide chronic constipation relief.

9. Baking Soda Does It All

Baking soda works really well for constipation and other stomach-related aches. This is due to the fact that it is a bicarbonate and therefore it encourages air to come out of your body in one way or another hence relieving you from pain. It also re-alkalizes the tummy, neutralizing the acid a little bit and thus helping stool pass through your gut.

10. Empty out with Epsom Salts

It is an effective home remedy for two reasons. Firstly, Epsom salts draw water from their surroundings thus softening up stool and making it easier to be passed out. Secondly, it contains magnesium which promotes contraction of the bowel muscles, therefore, making the passing of stool easier. Table salt can also be useful in drawing water out, but it lacks magnesium so you should try and use Epsom salts if it is possible.

11. Don’t Forget the Prunes

Prunes or prune juice is one of the most effective cures for constipation. Because of its high amounts of fiber and sorbitol, the fruit works as a natural laxative. Sorbitol softens stools thanks to the fact that it is a carbohydrate by nature and it is not easily ingested, causing it to draw a lot of water as it goes through the intestines and also adding bulk to stool. However, you should take care as too much sorbitol can cause gas and make stool very soft sometimes resulting in diarrhea.

12. Pay Attention to Mother Nature

This is a precautionary measure to help you keep off those painful bouts of constipation in the future. If you need to go to the bathroom you should go as your body is giving you the signal for a reason that is wise for you to follow. If you wait too long, more water is engrossed from the stool and it becomes harder making it harder to pass.

13. Dandy Dandelions

Dandelions are terribly irritating weeds when it comes to your garden, but they also help in relieving constipation. The components of dandelions make it be a gentle laxative and also an effective detoxifier. A cup of dandelion tea will be extremely beneficial for you if you are prone to consuming too many processed foods.

14. Bacteria is Necessary

Healthy gut flora is important in keeping our digestive system in proper working condition; this is especially true at times when your stomach gets pounded with all kinds of processed sugars and foods. Keeping the good bacteria in your body strong and plentiful helps in preventing constipation and also reduces its severity should it still occur. There are several ways to go about in helping your bacteria flourish. The simplest method is just by enjoying a cup of yogurt, which is filled with probiotics.

15. Rock the Squat

Though it sounds awkward, squatting over the loo can aid in relieving constipation and refresh your colon. So if you start feeling backed up, take a few minutes to squat and the pain will be relieved.

Constipation can seriously impede your day. Thankfully, it is something that can often be effectively treated naturally at home.

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Posted on May 5, 2023