How to Get into Human Resources

The human resources department of any organization or company is dedicated to the recruitment and management of employee, as well as providing direction in the workplace environment. To break into the HR field, a college degree is becoming more of a necessity. Though a degree may not be required, it might get you a leg up in the hiring process. If you think HR is the career for you, here are a few steps and some helpful advice to aid you in breaking into the field.

A College Education or Certification

Most job requirements list college education as an important qualification for an applicant, and it is no different in the human resources field. A variety of degrees can qualify you for a career in HR, but a bachelor’s in human resources or personnel provides the best opportunity. At the same time, a degree does not always qualify you. In any case, there are certification classes available to help boost your chances.

A certification as a Professional in Human Resources (PHR) in lieu of a degree is perfectly acceptable and sometimes even preferred. Most big companies and organizations offer PHR certification and even workshops and seminars to sharpen your skills. Look for classes in managing, training and development, benefits, and administration to help your cause.

Finding the Job

To find a position within the human resources field is the next step. Entry-level work is normally tough to come by, but like any job, there are sites and search engines online to close in on a job opening. The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) has a great website that offers a job board to browse for listings.

Some companies like to look within to fill a position so keep an eye out for openings that way. If you are a student, look for HR internships, as they are a great resume builder. Networking is also a great way to find jobs. Ask friends and family members and check Facebook and LinkedIn for contacts.

The Right Position Within HR

There are numerous types of jobs within human resources, so it important to know what work you are interested in and the path you should take. The best HR job to get some experience is an assistant position. The HR assistant carries out responsibilities such as employee relations, safety, training and development, staffing, and organization.

The path of the assistant can lead to promotion to manager or different sectors of HR. There are specific titles within each company, but some career examples include benefits specialists, development administration, recruiting, and payroll.


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Posted on May 5, 2023