The Best Free Fitness Apps To Help You With Your Workouts

Ladies, we all know the overwhelming feeling of trying to live up to everybody else’s expectations. No matter how good we are, no matter how good we feel somebody, somewhere expects us to be more. Between a career, our kids and/or our spouse we barely make time to take care of ourselves. This article shall list some of the best free fitness apps with a view to helping you kick start your fitness programs.

Best Free Diet Diary App – MyNetDiary

The beginning of every weight loss journey is to find out where you stand. A food diary can help you track calories in and calories out and our favorite one is MyNetDiary. Keep track of everything from water to micronutrients, weight and measurements in a comprehensive tracking system. Customer reviews are well-above average, which is impressive given the saturated market.

Best Walk/Run Tracker – Adidas Train & Run miCoach

With logs for your distance, pace, time, calorie burn and ability to sync with the Fit Smart band, the miCoach app easily outperforms its competitor in analysis ability. While its voice coaching keeps you motivated in real time. Track your workouts by distance, pause and restart training as needed and check to see your training zone after the fact. Adidas uses a color coded system and real-time voice prompts to track your workout, so you can focus on your performance, whether you are focused on speed or endurance.

Best Unique Fitness App – Fitocracy

Everybody motivates differently and accountability can play a big part in whether or not you actually get out of bed for your 6 a.m. run. If you are one of the people that pull their main motivation from a pack mentality then this app is what you are looking for. Make connections, ask questions and just plain brag about your goals and workouts on a social media type interface. Even with a social media feel, the app is still fully customizable enter your weight and exercise, keep track of your favorite workouts and design killer routines. All while keeping up with those around you or not so close. Can you say long distance workout buddies?

Best Celebrity Personal Trainer App – Jillian Michaels’ Slim-Down Solution

Jillian Michaels is easily one of the biggest names in fitness this generation. She is a tough-love no nonsense kind of fitness guide and her app follows suit. The app turns your phone into a full personal trainer with access to recipes, a food diary, and workouts from Jillian herself. Also available are fitness and meal plans. Jillian offers you daily advice every day to keep you on track and on the ball!

Best Health Monitoring App – WebMD

With all this talk about slim-down and tone-up, sometimes we forget the main goal — health. Sprain an ankle on an off-road run this weekend? WebMD is here to help, find the closest facility to get it taken care of or find out how to care for it at home. Check symptoms to see if that is a cramp, gas or if you should be concerned about that stitch in your side.

Bottom line, as long as you are making an effort towards your health and fitness goals, nobody can fault you but it sure is nice to have the guidance, help and motivation you need at your fingertips., the very guidance that is offered by the best free fitness apps.

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Posted on May 5, 2023