The 10 Best Workouts For Back Pain

Walk into any workstation or office in today’s society and chances are that you will find very busy employees staring blankly at computer screens, seated with their backs arched and necks craned. This is one of the leading causes of stress and tension to the back areas, and it translates to backaches. The most common and efficient way to relieve this tension and stress is through workouts that directly target the back, including yoga and stretches.

Below is a comprehensive list of back exercises that will ensure you no longer experience backaches as a result of prolonged hours of seating without much movement of your back. You’re ought to see some positive changes in a short amount of time – just remember to keep doing them even after you begin to first see the effects!

  1. Home yoga

This exercise involves some form of stretching of the back muscles and at the same time, it trains you on how to breathe in a way that will calm or relax your entire body to rid of the tension and stress physically and mentally.

  1. Back pain yoga

The primary focus of this exercise is back pain relief, and its targets areas are as follows thighs, feet, back, and hips. This stretches the muscles involved and releases the stress or tension that’s causing the pain.

  1. Exercises for your back pain

These exercises involve a lot of stretching as a way of releasing tension and stress that has built up during the long work day.The stretches will facilitate proper flow of blood to all muscles involved and relief from the stress and tension that causing the pain.

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  1. 30 minute back stretch

As the names suggest, the routine is all about stretching your body with a focus on the back areas to experience back pain relief in the shortest time possible.

  1. Sciatica and lower back pain relief through yoga stretches

This one is straight forward and it involves a lot of yoga stretching. It plays a role in encouraging fresh blood to flow through the taught muscles to relieve the pain one is experiencing.

  1. Neck and back stretch

Chances are high that if you have a tense back, it is probable that your neck is tense as well.

  1. Traction and exercise for lower back pain

The exercise has been designed to relieve stress and tension from the spine and lower back. The exercise can be performed on a yoga mat and if followed keenly it can prove to be very effective for back pain relief.

  1. Back pain and upper neck pain relief

The moves involved when performing this exercise are meant to target the back and neck areas, take caution when performing the workout to avoid unnecessary injuries to your body.

  1. Opening of shoulders through yoga

With the main focus of this workout being the shoulders, the exercise can also do a lot of good when it comes to getting rid of the back pain.

  1. Yoga twist to release back tension

Using the systematic and precise exercise routines set out for this particular exercise will go a long a way to help you out with your back pain.

Don’t forget to stretch during your long work day, and go for a walk during your lunch breaks. You’ll feel more relaxed, and be able to focus better when you return back to your desk. Your body will thank you!

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Posted on May 5, 2023