5 Reasons Pre-Marriage Couple’s Therapy is a Must

From writing the vows to finding the perfect venue, planning a wedding is an exciting time in many couples’ lives. Although the bride and groom often become caught up in wedding planning, the marriage should also be prepared for through pre-marriage counseling. Therapy provides professional advice that will help you and your partner overcome difficult times in your marriage and promote a healthy relationship.

  1. Plan for the Unexpected : Most couples enter marriage without a realistic understanding of the difficulties that may be ahead. It can be difficult to survive the realities of life after the honeymoon has ended. By participating in pre-marriage couple’s therapy, it allows you to learn how to prepare for the worst and how to treat the circumstances that may arise. Having a plan for how you’ll both handle unexpected events will increase your chances of getting closer through the crises and survive any difficulty as a unit.
  2. Prevent Affairs : Over time, emotional detachment can occur in marriages due to busy schedules and a loss of romance. This can lead to an affair, which half of married couples admit to participating in. To avoid going outside of the marriage for fulfillment, therapy will help you stay close and work towards unity throughout the marriage.
  3. Increase the Level of Communication : Most couples can struggle to communicate after their wedding day when the bills need to be paid or when one person feels neglected. Pre-marriage couple’s therapy helps strengthen communication before it becomes a problem and teaches couples how to relay information in a healthy way to each other.
  4. Create a Vision for Your Marriage : It’s easy for couples to fall in love and want to spend the rest of their lives together, but few make it a point to have a vision and plan for their marriage. Therapy helps you create a vision for the rest of your married lives, whether it means having three kids or starting a business together. With the help of a professional, you’ll be able to outline specific goals and know what your spouse expects from your relationship.
  5. Reduce the Risk of Divorce : The main purpose and benefit of couple’s therapy before being married is to reduce the risk of divorce by avoiding common pitfalls that plague many couples. You’ll be able to equip yourself with more tools, resources, and useful tips to overcome difficult times while still keeping the love alive. Having a therapist you trust will also prove to be a useful resource should you need assistance later in marriage.

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Posted on May 5, 2023