What you Should Never Use your Cloud for

Just when you think the cloud computing is a safe place to put some of your personal stuff, you’d better think again. Yes, cloud-based backup might seem like a smart and convenient solution if you want to access your things on another device, or at another location, or you’re running out of storage on your phone – but let’s face reality. There is a big chance hackers will get in it and get the information they want. There are various applications for cloud computing and cloud backup services, from Windows 8 cloud backup to Apple’s cloud solution, called iCloud.

Here are things you should not even think of using cloud computing for… (or re-think using cloud computing for!)

  1. Passwords

    There is a reason why passwords always turn into asterisks when you type them in the field. They are things you should never put anywhere or else anybody can easily get into your private accounts. They are supposed to be things that are easy to remember for you like your mother’s maiden name or the name you would always call your pet. They could also be your vehicle’s plate number or the date you was born. If you decide on one password then don’t repeat it over and over again. You must have a new one for every account you make as some even require you to have characters combined with numbers in order to make it harder to guess. Cloud backup is definitely not the solution to helping you remember your passwords!

  1. Naked Pictures

    If for some reason, you decide to take nude photos of yourself then please don’t use cloud computing to store them! If someone gains access to them it is possible they will decide to post them in public. If ever you decide to do it on your phone then delete it right away. It would really be embarrassing if it falls into the wrong hands as you might end up hiding from the public for a long time if the pictures get leaked. If you really can’t avoid taking nude photos of yourself then it would be wise to hide the face so the body is seen but the face is not. If you do that then nobody would know it is indeed you. The same applies for naked pictures that are not of you but meant for your eyes only… Treat someone else’s pictures the same way you would want yours to be treated! And the answer is not a cloud solution!

  1. Personal Stuff

    You should definitely feel nervous whenever you type in your address or phone number online as personal information should never get out on the Cloud. There is really no reason to put them there anyway since they are things you should already know. The only way you should put them online is if you are applying for a credit card, an email account or some kind of bank account. These are things that you are afraid to tell even your closest friends so it would not be a good idea if it gets let out to people you don’t even know. There is a reason why it is called personal and that’s because they are things that should never get out to the public especially on the cloud.

  1. Secrets

    Everyone has their own little secrets and it would not be wise to put them on the cloud especially if the secrets are about your family. You can just write down those secrets in your diary and hope nobody finds them. You just have to lock it somewhere. Sometimes, there are family shared/accessible cloud computing storage, so if you’re not too technology savvy, you might be sharing them with other people yourself!

Featured Image Source: Thinsktock/NicoElNino

Posted on May 5, 2023