Boosting Your Business with Data and Cloud Technology

Cloud technology allows us to be more easily connected to our work, which might not sound like a good thing. But if you’re a small business owner, the increased accessibility that cloud technology gives you can be a great asset to you and your employees.

Cloud storage makes it possible to share documents to and from anywhere with the same app and an internet connection. Users sharing a cloud service can access and often edit each other’s files, seriously reducing the amount and subsequent costs of printing and re-printing paper documents (you can choose who has access and permission to edit specific files).

Determine What You Need

Many options only allow for storage on the cloud. While this may be just what you’re looking for, you should know that other companies offer more business-oriented features. When searching for your provider, check their plans and features to see exactly what they offer. These tend to be paid plans, however, so if you just need a place to backup and share files, look into other, cheaper (possibly free) alternatives. Assess your storage needs before you make a purchase if possible. You don’t want to end up paying for 100 GB when you’ll only need 5 GB.

In regards to those services that are more business-oriented, many options, like Google Docs, allow you and others to make real-time edits to documents. Changes made are often applied immediately across all devices with access, which can be an invaluable tool. Scheduling and inventory can be done collaboratively on one shared document, keeping your team on the same page.

Your Data Will Be Protected

Not only is cloud technology a way to improve your accessibility, but it can also increase your sense of security by knowing that your files are safe, backed up, and protected. Digital backups are perfect for businesses that depend on the submission of documents before a certain deadline: in the event that a file is lost or becomes corrupted, you can breathe easy knowing that a digital backup exists. Cloud security is something that providers take very seriously. They take huge measures to ensure no data is lost and also protect you in the event that your files somehow get stolen. Multiple services offer varying encryptions to data, making the files unreadable if accessed by anyone but you or the company.

So it’s clear that cloud technology has a lot to offer. While not all businesses will need it, most could benefit, even if slightly, from using it. With better storage, accessibility, and security, you can become a more flexible and competitive business owner.

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Posted on May 5, 2023