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Home security systems are particularly designed to detect any outside intrusion or forceful entry into an area, through a door or a window. They are mostly used in industrial, commercial, residential or military properties to protect them from intruders, fire or other damages that might occur.

Statistically, setting up an alarm system in your home is the best way to prevent against three quarters of potential intrusion; it is more effective than any guard and watchdog out there.

Even though they were thought to be reserved only for the most expensive and bigger homes, most homes now use them in recent times. This is because crime is now more rampant, thus most families now see the need to use them to protect their possessions and their homes.

They are also widely used now because they are relatively cheap and easier to find. It all depends on your budget, as you can get an alarm system suitable for you, no matter how much you are willing to pay for it. In addition to that, when you sign up to some home monitoring services, they will offer to install an alarm system in your home for free.

The security system communicates with a command center or a control panel through its sensors installed in doors and windows on ground level that are accessible.

Understanding their different types will help you to learn more about home security systems. They come in a wide range, with each one of them having specific features, depending on the needs of the customers. There are three main categories of home security systems:

· Monitoring: It is a means in which systems installed communicate with the monitoring center

· Installation: Deals with installing the system. You will have a choice between do it yourself (DIY) or professional installation.

· Home Automation: This gives you the liberty to control different events, such as turning on and off the lights, setting volume, and turning the television on and off.

Because home alarms are different, these categories will help you choose which system will best fit your needs. Systems that only deal with alarms at doors and windows are usually cheaper than the others. Some more expensive ones allow you to use a mobile phone to turn then on and off. But the ones that give maximum security are the alarm systems that provide video images all over your home.

The purpose of security systems is to watch your home in your absence, and provide you confidence, knowing for a fact that in case of an intrusion, security teams will get to your home in time to resolve it.

As soon as the alarm goes off, your monitoring service will call you to ensure it is a real alarm, before they send the security team over; this is necessary because in some cases, the alarm might be triggered unintentionally, thus making it a false alarm. In an instance when it is a real alarm, the security team will be sent as soon as possible to go and investigate in your home, and turn the alarm off, even when you are not around.

Even though the cost of installing alarm systems in homes is now very affordable, some people are reluctant, not wanting to go through all the stress involved. But considering the dangers of home breakage and theft, installing a security system in your home will be totally worth it.

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Posted on May 5, 2023