Top 10 Small Business Video Conferencing Solutions

Whether you are coordinating with remote clients or collaborating with colleagues, you need a video conferencing tool that is both reliable and efficient. By choosing a reliable video conferencing service, you save yourself the frustration and agony that comes with choppy audio and video, dropped calls, stream lags, annoying downloads and plugins, and other technical issues. To help you choose the best option for you, here are the 10 of the most popular and highly rated small business video conferencing solutions on the market.

  1. Skype

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Skype is one of most reputable video-calling services people use to chat with family members and friends. However, business people working on a budget can also conveniently use Skype to conduct business meetings. With only $2 a month, a small business owner can upgrade Skype to enable group video calling as well as group screen sharing. The group sharing screen will allow colleagues to share presentations, documents, and spreadsheets. In fact, Skype, being the first VoIP, is popular not only in the US but across the world.

  1. Fuze

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Fuze is one of the top small business video conferencing solutions. $8 per month subscription will allow up to 125 people to attend a virtual meeting. Better still, there is a free plan that offers unlimited sessions with up to 25 people. All of Fuze’s plans come with 1GB of cloud space to enable you to store important documents as well as video and audio capabilities. Fuze is one of the few small business video conferencing solutions that provide business people with numerous collaborative tools at a minimal cost. Moreover, besides its markup tools that edit documents, Fuze also allows you to share your computer screen for instant presentations.

  1. Cisco WebEx

Cisco is one of the most significant entries in the video conferencing realm. With a free version that supports voice calling and a premium 8 version that costs $24 per month, you know that your needs will be met. On top of screen-sharing capabilities for easy presentations, Cisco WebEx allows users to share spreadsheets, pdfs, and documents for collaborative editing. Another outstanding feature is an interactive whiteboard that lets users share charts and notes.

  1. Google Hangouts

Google+ Hangouts is a simple video conferencing tool popular among small business people. Although it is a powerful video conferencing solution, its basic features are free. With only $5 per month, small businesses can subscribe to Google Apps for work, adding many work-friendly features to Hangouts. Other extras include an ability to view and edit spreadsheets and documents during a chat session. The program also includes an integrated online calendar.

  1. Adobe Connect

Besides delivering a highly enhanced conferencing service, Adobe Connect is also widely renowned for its unique design and exemplary image editing software. This video conferencing service comes with tools all small businesses need. This service provides participants with the ability to connect instantly from any internet enabled device, allowing them to share documents and slides. Attendees can also take shared notes and run polls as well. Its other outstanding features include private video chat rooms and the ability to create breakout rooms.

  1. Citrix GoToMeeting

Despite being feature-packed, GoToMeeting is only $49 per month. With this amount, you can have up to 25 people in a virtual meeting. This tool comes in handy when hosts want to schedule meetings as it makes it easy for visitors to join freely by only clicking an invitation link. Accessing this service is easy from any device with internet access. GoToMeeting also offers speaker identification as well as screen sharing tools to facilitate business presentations.

  1. AnyMeeting

With AnyMeeting, you experience a high-quality video that resizes automatically depending on the number participants in the chat. This tool gives you the flexibility of using six webcams at once to fully enjoy HD video conferencing. If you are using AnyMeeting app to facilitate a virtual meeting, the maximum number of attendees is six. This small business conferencing tool is available for Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac.

  1. MyTrueCloud My Web Conferences

MyTrueCloud is similar to GoToMeeting and WebEx video conference services. It is one of the best small business video conferencing solutions. It is easy to use as it does not require you to install a desktop client. However, to use MyTrueCloud web conferencing service, you have to spend $15 for 3 participants and $32 for a premium software. Its user-friendly interface has made it popular among many small business owners.

  1. iMeet

Although iMeet does not offer a free plan to its clients, its rates are notably affordable. In fact, they are particularly affordable if you subscribe annually instead of monthly. With scalable rates, you can switch between levels depending on the level and status of your business. iMeet’s basic plan offers unlimited conferences for 10 participants, as well as file and screen sharing capabilities.

The PLUS plan is handy for businesses that outgrow the basic plan. The PLUS plan comes with additional features like premium customer support, ‘call me’ dialing, and increased meeting room capacity – up to 35 participants. 

  1. Zoom

Zoom is another small business video conferencing solution that boasts an array of desirable features. Some of these features include the ability to send images, audio files, and group-texts during meetings. With cellular networks or WiFi, Zoom gives you the capacity to participate in meetings via your mobile device. From recording and HDvideo conferencing to screen sharing, Zoom has many capabilities. Presently, Zoom is one of the most prominent small business video conferencing services.

With various small business video conferencing solutions to choose from, you can now take your business to a whole another level. Before choosing your video conferencing service provider, though, establish your specific needs and carry out thorough research to determine which one will work correctly for you.

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Posted on May 5, 2023