Internet Provider Review: Verizon FiOS

Being one of the largest small business internet providers, Verizon FiOS, it is also one of the best on the market. The company offers bundles that provide internet access, residential telephone services, and television programming. The more residential telephone services you buy, the more discounts they will give.

Verizon FiOS is also one of the country’s largest fiber providers. The company operates in 13 states and covers more than 40 million people. Since Verizon FiOS deliveries all their internet services over fiber optic cables rather than using traditional phone wiring, they’re capable of delivering faster speeds with low latency. While most consumers usually agree that companies in the internet service providers industry are among the worst companies for client satisfaction, Verizon is simply the best choice in the category.

FiOS is a fairly new fiber optics communications network from Verizon. The fiber optics technology has been the backbone of internet usage for a very long time. However, residential customers have just had a chance of using it for very few years. Let’s take a closer look at the pros and cons of Verizon FiOS as well as its pricing.

Pros of Verizon FiOS

Fastest Download Speeds Available

Verizon FIOS is undoubtedly the fastest internet service provider that you can get out there today. The company offers an amazing speed of 500 Mbps with their best internet plan. Regardless of what you normally use the internet for, the business internet service provider is sure to exceed all your expectations by providing very short load times. Their download speeds also make them suitable when there are a lot of devices connected to the internet at any given time. In case download speed is your main concern when choosing the best internet service provider, then you won’t find another option that’s better than Verizon FiOS.

Great Upload Rates with Most Plans

Whether you decide to go with the 500 Mbps or 15 Mbps plan, you can always be assured that you’re receiving the fastest upload speed available. The company’s most affordable internet plan offer 5 Mbps upload speed which is more than what other service providers offer with their best internet plans. In case you need their high-end 500 Mbps internet package, then you will receive an astounding upload speed of 100 Mbps; an upload speed that you cannot get from any other internet provider. You will only notice such major differences with upload speed when you share videos or photos or when you’re uploading large files.

Most Reliable Internet of Any Provider

Every so often the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) tests the reliability and broadband speeds of the biggest internet service providers in the country. The Verizon FiOS package was featured in the testing for the first time in 2013. The service provider performed better as compared to any other internet service provider by delivering 100 percent of advertised downloads performance and managed to sustain that performance even during the peak internet usage periods. It is very common for businesses to use several devices and other internet providers dipped during that time, Verizon maintained a very strong performance. The combination of reliability and speed further shows that Verizon FiOS is the best internet provider out there.

Free Modem with a 2-year Contract

Verizon FiOS is available even without having a contract, but signing a contract leads to several benefits including getting a free modem. The deal is only available if you sign a 2-year contract with the small business internet provider. Even though this might seem like very big commitment, it’s worth it when you take a look at the all other things the Verizon FiOS offers. The free modem may pay in the long run since you’ll be able to save the money that it costs by renting a modem on a monthly basis.

No Activation Fee

You do not have to pay any activation fee so as to get the Verizon FiOS internet service; something that’s pretty rare within the industry. Even though this is just a one-time experience and might not seem like being a big deal to certain people, the fees can get expensive.


Cons of Verizon FiOS

Plans are Pricey

The biggest thing which usually holds a lot of people back from choosing to sign up with Verizon FiOS is certainly their prices. They normally charge more than most internet service providers and some people might just be unable to afford their services.

Limited to a Few States

One of the main drawbacks to FiOS is their limited availability. As a matter of fact, Verizon FiOS is currently available in major towns in select states in Northeast parts of the country. You can always their website to find out whether their service is available in your area. In case, you don’t live in a region where FiOS is available currently, then you might have to check periodically because there are plans underway to expand to other states and cities in the near future.

The Details

Provider Details
  • Monthly price: Between 49.99 and 299.99 USD
  • Service are: Nationwide
  • States available: 27

Additional Fees

  • Early termination fees: 7.50 USD per month
  • Equipment lease fees: None
  • Installation fees: None
  • One-time setup fees: None
  • Other fees: None
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15/5 Mbps

  • Monthly rates: 49.99 USD per month
  • Download rates: 15Mbps
  • Upload rates: 5Mbps
  • Data allowance: Unlimited

50/25 Mbps

  • Monthly rate: 59.99 USD per month
  • Download rates: 50Mbps
  • Upload rates: 35Mbps
  • Data allowance: Unlimited

150/65 Mbps

  • Monthly rates: 129.99 USD per month
  • Download rates: 150Mbps
  • Upload rates: 65Mbps
  • Data allowance: Unlimited

300/65 Mbps

  • Monthly rates: 209.99 USD per month
  • Download rates: 300Mbps
  • Upload rates: 65 Mbps
  • Data allowance: Unlimited

500/100 Mbps

  • Monthly rates: 299.99 USD per month
  • Download rates: 500 Mbps
  • Upload rates: 100 Mbps
  • Data allowance: Unlimited

Final Verdict

From a technical perspective, Verizon’s FiOS internet service is more advanced as compared to other small business internet providers. The fiber optics technology has a higher capacity. In addition, FiOS picture quality is also better when compared to other internet service providers.

business internet service provider, small business internet providers


Verizon FiOS uses new and faster technologies in delivering some of the quickest internet speeds across the nation at a price that’s still surprisingly cost effective. If you’re a heavy internet user, tech junky, or someone who usually works from home, then you should certainly choose Verizon FiOS.

By offering the internet service without any contract, Verizon gives its customers the freedom of canceling this service anytime. Alongside that freedom also comes the power for renegotiating a better deal each and every year. Even though Verizon FiOS is fairly new in the industry which means the internet service might be prone to outages, the company still remains to be one of the small business internet providers.


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Posted on May 5, 2023