Various types of can manage diabetes. These types are categorized according to how quickly they take effect as well as how long they work. There are five types of delivery:

– Fast-acting

– Short-acting

– Intermediate-acting

– Long-acting

– Premixed

Type of for Your Diabetes

Your physician ultimately determines the type that is optimal for your case, which is a decision dependent on a number of factors such as:

– Your body’s specific response

– Your age

– Your lifestyle habits (e.g., your diet, alcohol consumption, exercise regimen)

– Your ability to handle numerous injections on a daily basis

– Your blood sugar monitoring habits

– Your objectives for controlling blood sugar levels

Fast-acting options:

These types of supply patients with their needs at mealtimes and are typically used in conjunction with long-acting . Lispro, Aspart, and Glulisine are all common rapid-acting options. All three take a maximum of 30 minutes to enter the bloodstream and take effect. Lispro and Glulisine typically reach their peak in terms of lowering blood sugar within 30-90 minutes, whereas Aspart takes 50 minutes at the most. Lispro and Aspart stay effective for up to 5 hours while the effects of Glulisine last only a couple of hours.

Short-acting options:

This type of is used for the 30-60 minute time frame of every meal eaten. Novolin and Velosulin (for pumps) are the two options, both of which take 30-60 minutes to take effect. Novolin hits its glucose-lowering peak within 2-5 hours with its effects lasting up to 8 hours, whereas Velosulin takes a couple of hours to reach its peak and works for up to 3 hours.

Intermediate-acting options:

Reserved for requirements for around half a day or overnight, this type is typically used along with a fast-acting or short-acting . NPH is the only brand name which takes a maximum of 2 hours to take effect but works for at least 18 hours.

Long-acting options:

This type lasts for an entire day and may be used in combination with a fast-acting or short-acting type of . glargine, detemir, and degludec are the options available, and they all start working within a couple of hours at the most. As aforementioned, these types of meet the needs for an entire day, except for degludec, which works for up to 42 hours.

Premixed options:

Taken a few times per day before a meal, premixed s like Humulin, Novolin, and Novolog all enter the bloodstream within 15-30 minutes, hit their peak in an hour or two, and work for at least 14-24 hours depending on the combination.

Timing Your Doses

Obey your doctor’s instructions on when to use your . The type of you take typically determines the time gap between your injections and meals.

However, patients usually schedule their injections according to their mealtimes. A rule of thumb to keep in mind is that you want the to take effect at the same time your body begins digesting the food you are consuming. Timing your shots correctly is a surefire way to prevent your blood sugar level from plummeting.

Only two types of allow for more flexibility regarding scheduling: long-acting and fast-acting s. Your mealtimes are inconsequential to long-acting , and rapid-acting s can be used after a meal as opposed to 15 minutes before eating.

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Posted on May 5, 2023