5 Things You Should Not Be Doing To Your Ears

Ear health is a critical part of your overall well being, and is often not discussed enough. This causes people to fail to acknowledge the detrimental effects of things they may be doing to their ears on a regular basis!

  1. Inserting Cotton Swabs

You should not be doing to your ears is inserting cotton swabs to remove wax and debris. Your ear is self-cleaning! Using cotton swabs can cause potential damage to our ears by pushing the wax further into the ear canal. Continuous use of the swab on the ear causes irritation and itching and in extreme cases lead to perforated eardrums. Also, sticking a swab in there causes scraping which leaves you open to infection causing agents.

  1. Cranking Up Your Headphones Volume

Too loud volume can cause hearing loss. The cardinal rule for headphone volumes is at least less than 60% of the maximum volume of the device. The person sitting next to you should not be able to hear your music! Next time you wear those headphones during your morning run or your way home remember to put a reasonable volume as to protect your ears.

  1. Ear Candling

Scientific studies have proven that using candles to remove wax on your ears is not effective at all. It is more harmful than it could have been beneficial. In fact, what comes out with that candle is just the natural candle residue. Candling can cause burns and the worst part is that it can leave candle deposits in your ear causing clogging.

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  1. Refusing To Wear Earplugs In Noisy Environments

There is a potential risk of suffering hearing loss when you are exposed to noise population for longer periods. For instance, those working in metal workshops or construction sites are particularly susceptible. Earplugs are meant to be a protective measure in such environments. Always carry your earplugs with you when going to potentially noisy environments to save your ears.

  1. Pierce Your Ears At Home

Lastly, never pierce your ears at home, whether you are doing it yourself or a friend is doing it for you. Ever. Look for a professional instead. It’s so important to have proper equipment and observation of hygiene, or the health consequences could be disastrous. Professionals adhere to strict hygiene measures and use the right equipment, and are certified accordingly.

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Posted on May 5, 2023