Bed Bugs Extermination And Pest Control

Bed bugs are wingless oval-shaped insects that are feed exclusively on blood. Their bodies are small and flat and can very hard to detect in your home. Killing bed bugs quickly can be difficult but it is possible to treat a bed bug infestation with some methods effectively. Here are some advice on how to control and prevent bed bugs.

Know the activity of bed bugs

The key to preventing bedbug is to stay alert. You need to know what the bedbug looks like. The bug’s body is small, flat and oval-shaped. Smaller than apple seeds, bedbugs are wingless. You may also notice signs of bedbugs activity in certain areas, such as brown-red or rust-stained stains and annoying sweetness similar to the almonds around your bed. You can even see bedbugs on the side of the mattress.

Vacuum thoroughly

Thoroughly vacuuming, not only in the bedroom, but also in the kitchen and bathroom. Bedbugs often spread from room to room, so you must limit their spread by isolating everything in the room that is being treated. You can wrap the mattress in a special cover to avoid spreading, or you can seal clothes, books, toys in special plastic bags.

Rinse infected items with hot water

Boil the infected items in hot water. This is an easy way to get rid of bed bugs and their eggs. Wash all the clothes, sheets, sheets and pillowcases in the washing machine at the highest temperature. In addition, you can dry your washed clothes outdoors. If you raise the temperature of the infected clothes to 120 ° F, you can kill all the bed bugs in the infected items. Because bed bugs can’t bear such a high temperature. In summer, you can even put the packaged items in a hot car, but to kill all bed bugs and their eggs, you need to make sure that the internal temperature is at least 120 ° F.

Use diatomaceous earth powder

Diatomaceous earth contains the reamains of diatoms, or oceanic unicellular, and it is formed naturally by sedimentary mineral rock. This dust-like powder feels like a soft, chalk-like sedimentary powder in your hand. But diatomaceous earth actually is very sharp when it is on a microscopic level. Diatomaceous earth powder is safe and will not harm humans. However, it is best not to keep children and pets close during treatment. Apply powder around the furniture legs and sprinkle it on the headboard, inside the box spring, etc. The powder contains sharp crystal molecules that can shred the insect’s shell and interior and kill them immediately. This is a very easy and natural way to eliminate bed bugs. This solution is usually safe and has a long-lasting effect, because bud bugs can’t develop resistance to it.

Use Liquid sprayer

In general, bed bug liquid sprayer can control and kill bed bugs very effectively. And, this is a simple way to treat and kill bugs. In your bed, furniture and floor cracks, liquid sprays can easily reach hidden the areas in it. Therefore, it can be regarded as a perfect way to control bugs because all the bed bugs are like to hide anywhere in the home when they are not eating.

Posted on May 5, 2023