Top Overactive Bladder Treatment Options

An overactive bladder is no fun but quite commonplace. Luckily, there are overactive bladder treatment options available to you that don’t involve going to the hospital or taking medications. It gets annoying very fast, and it can also get pretty embarrassing if you’re not careful. If this is something you suffer from, you’re definitely not alone. Around 33 million people in America alone are suffering with you from a variety of overactive bladder. The reality is, finding an overactive bladder treatment can be quite easy if you are willing to put in the effort and make a few minor lifestyle changes.

overactive bladder treatment

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Logging and Dieting

The first step in your overactive bladder treatment should be keeping track of your situation 24/7. Pay attention to your fluid intake, as well as the number of times you urinate. It is important to keep in mind the different types of overactive bladders. There is urinary urgency where you are unable to stop urination. Also, there is simple frequency where you are going too often (at least eight times a day).

There is also urge incontinence where urine leakage occurs, and nocturia where you need to urinate too often at night. Once you have started to keep a log and determined which type you may be experiencing, there are some foods that you can avoid to help fix it. However, all of these are capable of making your symptoms worse: citrus fruits and juices, spicy food, tomatoes, tea and coffee both with or without caffeine, alcohol, and chocolate.

One you have eliminated some foods that may worsen your condition, there are some foods you can add and things you can do that will help improve it. Constipation will put extra pressure on your bladder, which will make you feel like you need to urinate. Improving your bowel movements and keeping them regular will help with this immensely. With that in mind, eating more fiber is an excellent way to start. Beans, bran cereal, fruit, and whole wheat bread are all great options, and they will help things move along.

If you really need to get things moving, a daily prune cocktail may be your answer. A mix of one cup applesauce, one cup unprocessed wheat bran, and three quarters of a cup of prune juice may just be what you need. Exercising regularly will also keep those bowels moving, as well as manage your weight. If you are overweight, you already have a greater chance of developing an overactive bladder, so losing some weight may help lessen your symptoms.

Healthier Habits  

If you’ve got an overactive bladder, you should not be smoking. If you are a smoker, you should quit because cigarette smoke can irritate your bladder muscles. Also, constant coughing will cause further urine leakage. Certain drinks can also play a huge role in controlling overactive bladder symptoms. Water is, of course, a safe one, and consuming 3-4 glasses of it per day is ideal. Drinks rich in caffeine and acid will worsen your symptoms, so avoid them.

While you don’t need medications for an overactive bladder treatment, your doctor may suggest some that can be helpful if some diet and lifestyle changes are not quite enough. For instance, anticholinergics can help control muscle spasms responsible for an overactive bladder. In some cases, antidepressants can also work as an overactive bladder treatment. If nothing is working, you may try nerve stimulation as a last resort. While nerve stimulation is not a cure, it can reduce the frequency of episodes and symptoms.

Finding an overactive bladder treatment is often quite easy. There are changes you can make in your habits and lifestyle that will likely be very helpful, but if these fail, then you do have medical options available to you. The bottom line is, this is a common condition and nothing to be ashamed of as treating it is not difficult.

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Posted on May 5, 2023