Chic Bridesmaid Dress Trends for 2019

There was a time when going to a bridal party as bridesmaids meant wearing something horrible, just so they didn’t ‘show up the bride’. All-matching style bridesmaid dresses won’t fit the entire bridal party. Therefore, bridesmaid dress is something you only want to wear once.

Fortunately, thanks to the popular mismatched trend. Now designers are making modern, fashionable designs that you actually want to wear after the festivities. Brides are more excited to put their besties in flattering and gorgeous gowns.

However, it can still be really difficult to land on bridesmaid dresses that  satisfy every bridesmaid while be in line with your taste and wedding theme. Don’t worry, we are here to help. Below we’ve listed the top bridesmaid dress trends for 2019.

1 Embroidery

Embroidery has been around for a long time, but, like most trends, it’s fallen in and out of favour with the vagaries of fashion. This year, embroidered detailing is fond by bridesmaid dresses designers. The unique touch of stitching makes the dress high fashion,elegant and special. Such a special dress would be prefect for your special besties on your special day.

2 Velvet

The ‘90s revival means that the velvet fashion trend is back. Velvet is a unique fabric that can give you the feeling of elegant and luxurious. Its soft drape, natural sheen and durability make it a good choice for bridesmaid dresses. Besides, Velvet is not only good for formal occasions, but it also fits well into casual looks. Your bridesmaids would love to wear it after the party.

3 Nostalgia Rose

Most women have a preference for rose, so on the wedding day, they would like to make it the wedding theme. Nostalgia Rose fits seamlessly into wedding color palettes no matter the design inspiration or season. It gives you a soft romantic atmosphere.

4 Jewel Tones
If velvet is the fabric you use to show the luxurious of your bridal party, jewel tones are the colors for you to give the impression of nobility. Emerald, indigo, mustard and burgundy are all gorgeous shades on their own, and can be beautifully mix and matched.

5 Cap Sleeves

Cap sleeves are wildly used by gown designers especially cap sleeve in delicate lace. These barely there sleeves still flatter the shoulders but offer just enough coverage. Ideal for maids who want to cover the tops of their arms.

Posted on May 5, 2023