Bone Cancer Symptoms and Treatments

Bones make the core structure of our body. Total 200 bones are there in our body which are meant for providing support to us and holding our body. It also provides protection to the organs of our body. The number of cases of this cancer is not huge like other types but we cannot neglect the effects of it as it is very dangerous. Treatments may be highly effective if it is detected at the early stage. Two types of bone cancer exist in the world.

The first one is primary bone cancer and the second one is secondary bone cancer. When the tumors originate in the bone itself it is known as primary. If the tumorous growth spreads from any other part of the body it is called as secondary. There are some other types, too. The most common type is Osteosarcoma. This type occurs in younger adults and the knees are affected by it most.

Bone Cancer Symptoms

The main causes are still unknown to us. Symptoms are linked with the position of the bone which is affected by a cancerous tumor. Instances of swelling and pain are the most common symptoms. Bone cancer can lead to the formation of lump sometimes. The tumor which is related to lump is a bit difficult to detect. Patients can feel the lump in the joints if the tumor is related to lump. It is very difficult to detect bone cancer as there are no prominent symptoms. So patients cannot go for treatments immediately.

Bone Cancer Treatments

There are several effective bone cancer treatments invented by doctors and a number of treatments are found in the market today. One of the most common ways to start the treatment is to remove the bone tumor through the surgical ways. There are other two types of treatments that are widely found. Radiotherapy and chemotherapy are the two effective treatments. Patients are given combinational treatments to reduce the treatment time.

Severity of the bone cancer is the determinant of effective treatment. The tumor might be treated very easily if they have occurred locally. If the tumors have spread or if the size of the tumor is big, it takes more time to get treated. The cancer can be treated in a short time if the treatment is started immediately after the detection of it. The patient’s age is also a factor for the effective treatments. The chances of recovery depend on many things. Surgery is necessary if the severity has reached an extreme situation.

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Posted on May 5, 2023