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  • Alcohol Depression Treatment Centers

    Alcohol Depression Treatment Centers

    According to a study by JAMA Psychiatry, one in eight persons in the U.S. suffer from alcohol addiction. Most of the time, people who suffer from depression resort to drinking as a way to cope with their depression, thereby developing alcoholism. According to the National Institute of Mental Health,...
  • Paracelsus Recovery for Depression

    Paracelsus Recovery for Depression

    Before talking about Paracelsus recovery for depression, it is important to explain what depression really is. In the simplest form, depression is continuous sadness, loss of interest in everything, loss of pleasure, feeling down, and general lack of motivation to do anything. Of course, these feelings are common to...
  • Depression Treatment Centers

    Depression Treatment Centers

    Depression is a devastating problem that poses unimaginable burden to both its victims and family members of the depressed person. It is a global challenge but there is hope of curbing it, given the right intervention and a list of suitable depression treatment centers. It is an undeniable fact...