3 Best Home Security and Alarm Systems

We always want our families to be safe as for most of us, the safety of our family is one of the most important things in life. However, when you have to leave your home, most people want to know that their family members are protected from different types of harm. Installing a home security and alarm system is one of the measures that you can take to guarantee the security your house.

Installing home security systems can be costly. However, failure to install one might cost you even more. Whether you are going with a self-monitored, a professionally monitored security system or a local home security and alarm system, it’s still a worthy investment. A home security system will deter burglars as just a presence of sirens usually reduce the amount of time a burglar will spend inside your home. Furthermore, the chances of finding the perpetrator will increase significantly when you have security cameras installed in your home.

Nevertheless, the home security system industry is a multi-billion dollars industry with many home security companies in the market. As such, it becomes quite difficult to choose a company that will meet all your security needs at home. In case you want to protect you family, here are the 3 best home security systems that you should consider installing at your home:

  1. Frontpoint

    If you are looking for no-hassle, no-stress, and straightforward security from a home security company with a very long history of great customer service, then Frontpoint is the perfect choice for you.

    Frontpoint is one of the home security companies that offers and actively promotes dedicated cellular connections between the control panel and your sensors, as well as a dedicated cellular communication between the monitoring station and your panel. The 100 percent cellular monitoring ensures that when the sensor is triggered during a crucial time, burglars won’t be able to cut the wire or even halt the signals to emergency responders using any means. This means that the fire (or police) department will receive the signal in time so as to respond quickly and hopefully stop further damages.

    They also have very reliable customer service. If the alarm is triggered or when there is a technical issue with the security system, their customer service agents are patient, knowledgeable, and calm, which makes a whole lot of difference whenever something goes wrong.

    Frontpoint offers transparent pricing policies where you pay for what you receive and you receive what you have paid for. They do not have any hidden fees and the pricing is outlined clearly on their website. Most home security companies have reduced trial periods or fees attached to their guarantees, which makes Frontpoint very reliable. Moreover, you can save up to $300 if you qualify, and then sign up for a three-year agreement.

  • Low-pressure sales approach
  • Excellent customer service
  • Easy and quick installation
  • 30-days money back guarantee
  • Crash & smash protection
  • Home automation using the Z-Wave technology
  • Great value for your money

  • No broadband or landline options if you are in rural areas
  • The 3-years equipment warranty is quite short when compared to lifetime warranty from other companies
  1. Protect America

    Protect America is among the most transparent home security companies within the industry. The company has a solid lineup of services and products. You will also be impressed with their continued dedication to customer service, including the willingness to address all customer concerns as well as feedbacks directly on ASecureLife.com. They read, respond, and react proactively to customer feedbacks on ASecureLife.com. As a result, in case there’s any occasional issue, they will always be right there to pay attention.

    Protect America is one of the home security companies that offer a lifetime warranty on their services and products. The company also offers free equipment for installation using their standard contracts. Ensure that you carefully read your contract and fulfill all requirements for eligibility which might include monthly testing. Carefully follow the warranty instructions from the first day you install the home security system because you might not need to use their warranty for a few years.

    With Protect America, there are no activation fees, installation fees, or any other hidden fees. Additionally, they have made changes that simplify their pricing and packages based on the customer feedback. The company offers a low entry price point considering that their monthly monitoring starts at 19.99 dollars for landline monitoring. The start-up equipment is also free which makes it easy for anyone to slip into their security system. In addition, Protect America offers a price-lock guarantee which makes sure that your monthly monitoring bills stay the same.


  • Lifetime warranty on the equipment
  • Locked-in rates for a lifetime
  • No installation or activation fees
  • Easy and quick installation
  • Great customer service
  • Great value for your money


  • There’s no risk-free trial like other companies (although you may return for a restocking fee within 14 days)
  • Mobile apps have been receiving mixed reviews thus making them unreliable at times
  1. Link Interactive

    Link Interactive Company continues to be a very strong solution for home security, ranking among the top 3 home security companies. The company partners with Costco, a massive retailer to sell their monitored security system. However, Link Interactive’s legacy extends beyond its partnership with Costco. This home security company has been around for over 60 years, firstly as Mountain Alarm, which launched Link Interactive as their DIY offering a few years ago.

    Link Interactive provides all home automation whistles and bells. They also offer lock automation, temperature automation, light automation, small appliance automation, and garage door automation. This is made possible through their partnerships with 2GIG and Alarm.com. Whereas Alarm.com deals with supplying the software, 2GIG helps in supplying the hardware such as 2GIG Z-Wave panel. The Control system is capable of controlling multiple Z-Wave devices right from the panel or even from a connected phone.

    After you have picked the equipment package, you will have to pick the monthly monitoring plan as part of the 36-month contract. Their basic security plan for professional monitoring is known as Interactive Gold and costs $39.99 per month. They also have a Platinum plan that adds video monitoring for an additional $5 per month which brings the monthly total cost to $44.99. The two plans are cheaper by 10 dollars per month if you choose to go through Costco.


  • There are no installation or activation fees
  • They offer a 30-days risk-free trial period
  • Awesome installation thanks to the walk-through videos
  • Cellular and wireless monitoring service
  • They have good customer service reputation with phone support, live chat, and videos


  • Harsh cancellation policy
  • Equipment cost is 5 percent higher for the non-Costco members as compared to the members
  • No professional installation options (DIY only)

When choosing home security systems, you should always keep in mind all the needs of your family and house. An effective home security system will protect everything that you hold dear, help you feel safe, and offer a peace of mind. The above home security companies will offer you with effortless interaction and strong support features that are surefire ways to aid you in feeling a greater sense of security while you’re away or even when you are at home.

Featured Image Source: Thinkstock/Prykhodov

Posted on May 5, 2023