AI Programs: Where to Go to School

Undergraduate programs with a specific focus on AI are not as plentiful as graduate degree programs, but opportunities for a variety of degrees exist. Bachelor’s degrees with a computer science or robotics concentration often have an AI component available. Some schools also offer associate degree programs in robotics, meaning students of all levels of academic experience have a means of getting into this exciting field of study in some capacity. Some of the top schools for artificial intelligence degrees include:

MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)

MIT ranks highly among institutions with programs for AI and robotics. The school’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory is renowned for its cutting edge technology and the research opportunities it affords students in its AI and robotics programs.

Carnegie Mellon

Also highly respected, Carnegie Mellon has undergraduate majors and minors, offers a variety of master’s degrees in the field, and created the nation’s first doctorate program in robotics. Carnegie Mellon has been a recognized leader in artificial intelligence since the field’s inception, and the school now offers opportunities for AI research across a variety of departments, expanding options for continual advancement of AI technology.


Thanks in part to its Silicon Valley location, Stanford is another institution that ranks highly among schools with notable programs in the AI academic discipline. The school is notable for its close connections with high-tech multinational businesses in the area, and it features a cutting-edge facility with an artificial intelligence lab that is also home to over thirty robots.


Students at UC Berkeley have the opportunity to collaborate with other campus groups while also studying in the core areas of the field. Research topics in the AI discipline at this top school include speech and language, robotics, vision sciences, and intelligent information systems.

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Posted on May 5, 2023