Best Websites to Watch Music Videos On

Since MTV rarely plays music videos anymore, we’re forced to go elsewhere to find videos for our favorite music. The internet offers plenty of websites for watching videos of songs you can’t stop listening to. Here are the top 10 websites for watching music videos.

1. YouTube

You can find nearly everything on YouTube from games to tutorials to music videos. There’s a good chance your favorite artists have their own channels where they post their latest music videos. The website is super-easy to use and will even update you when your subscribed channels get new content. If you love it, YouTube has it.

2. Vevo

Since Vevo is operated by three of the four major record labels in the United States, you can find millions of videos on the website featuring your favorite artists. Vevo is simple to use. It offers a wide variety of video genres, such as pop, hip-hop, world, R&B, and more. It also shows you only high-definition videos when you click “HD Only.”

3. Vimeo

Vimeo has long been dedicated to its strong community. Because of this community, it can offer a huge variety of music on its website from country to pop to experimental. There is even an option for creators to showcase their own music. Many of Vimeo’s videos can be viewed in high definition. With a simple click of a mouse, you can watch staff picks, search for your favorite artists, or browse videos on the website.

4. Music Video Genome

Music Video Genome is like Pandora for music videos. It helps you find personalized videos that fit your mood and your interests. All you do is type in your favorite artist or song on the homepage, and it will take over from there. You’ll get full-screen videos streamed directly to your computer at your leisure.

5. Yahoo Music

Yahoo is one of the best sites to visit for nearly anything, and their music website isn’t any different. It’s easily laid out for anyone to use and provides numerous ways to listen to your favorite artists and find new music. You can search by artist or browse its top 100 music videos to discover new artists. If you’re stuck, each video will offer recommendations for you to view next. And you don’t need an account to listen to music on this website.

6. MTV Hive

So the television channel is interested in showing reality shows, but the website still has loads to offer. MTV Hive has countless, free, full-length music videos you can browse at your own discretion. MTV Hive offers some of the newest videos on the internet, as many artists choose to release their music first through MTV. Simply click around the website to find various videos. It spotlights new artists, songs, and groups on its homepage.

7. Metacafe
Metacafe is one of the largest music video sites on the internet. It serves you the best music videos, and, like other websites on the list, it also offers a wide variety to choose from. You can browse top channels, currently trending, or simply search for what you want to listen to. It also has a recommended channels list that allows you to browse interesting topics.

8. MuchMusic

MuchMusic hails from Canada, and it’s the country’s #1 website for online music videos, live performances, and more. You can download music, get updates on your favorite bands, or even view a countdown of live performances. The music videos will entertain you, but all of the other content on the website will keep you there for hours.

9. VH1

VH1 has been providing excellent quality, amazing music videos for decades. There’s a reason they’ve been around for so long. The website offers some of the hottest music of the year, month, and even day! Not only can you watch official videos of your favorite songs, you can even watch live performances from shows around the world.

10. Yallwire

If you’re a fan of country, bluegrass, or Christian music, this website will be your favorite. Yallwire features some of the best hits from these genres and more. There is a “hot list” on the homepage where you can browse what has recently gone viral. It also updates you on shows in your area and music videos currently being watched by other viewers.

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Posted on May 5, 2023