Extra Facilities of a Home Security System

Home security systems are often installed to protect homes from burglary, but did you know that today’s ultra modern security systems can do more than just stop thieves? If you’ve been contemplating the extra costs of an alarm system but aren’t quite sure whether or not to pull the trigger, here are a few additional benefits of having one installed.

Fire Protection

New systems have smoke alarms installed. This can relieve a huge burden if you’re away from your home and are worried about not having a fire caught until your neighbors see flames flickering through your windows. If you’re home, the system will alert you and contact the agents that monitor the alarm systems. The agents will get in touch with you while simultaneously calling local fire authorities. These systems can also detect high fire potential and it will warn you of any imminent danger that could start a fire.

Home Automation

Science fiction has envisioned smart homes for decades, and you can finally have one! These alarm systems can do so much more than alert you to potential dangers. They can allow you to lock your doors, adjust your thermostat, and even turn lights and appliances off all from your phone or tablet. If you’ve taken off in a rush and realized you left all of the lights on or the front door is unlocked, all you have to do is open the app on your phone/tablet to shut them off and securely lock the door.

Medical Alert Monitoring

You can never be too careful. Whether you’re a senior citizen living alone or you’re an adult who’s home alone with small children all day, it can be a huge relief to know that if something happens to you, help is just a button away. The medical alert pendant will make contact with your alarm system and then a signal will be sent to the monitoring agents to call for the appropriate help and keep contact with you until help arrives.

Flood Monitoring

Living in a flood-prone area can be stressful and extremely expensive. These systems now include flood sensors you put in high risk areas that will alert you to any contact they make with water, allowing you to intervene as soon as possible. These are also good for detecting leaks or flooding from a broken appliance that churns out water all day while everyone is at work. Save thousands of dollars on water damage repairs by knowing exactly when water starts pouring onto your floors.

Carbon Monoxide Monitoring

Every minute counts with carbon monoxide detection, so alarm systems now sense when your home’s carbon monoxide levels are too high and you’ll hear an alarm to warn you to leave your house. They’ll also contact the appropriate officials to get to your house right away. In the meantime, an agent from the alarm company will call you to ensure everyone is okay and ask if they need to contact any medical officials to care for your family.

Home security systems are so much more than burglar-proofing your house. Any major danger than can possibly happen in your home can be covered under a high-tech security system

Featured Image: depositphoto/Jirsak

Posted on May 5, 2023