15 of the Best Free Mobile Games

A mobile game basically refers to a video game that’s played on a smartphone, smartwatch, PDA, feature phone, tablet computer, calculator or portable media player. As Android tablets and phones increase in popularity, the number of applications available for the platform has also rocketed. As a result, you can use the smartphone for almost everything. There are many Android apps for getting most things done, for doing all your office work as well as those that predict the weather. You can also file your taxes using these apps. However, what if you do not want to do any of these things? What if, rather than being productive, you would rather waste few minutes, racing a few laps or even slaying a few dragons? In such cases, you need mobile phone games.

There are various games to play over the phone, whether it’s single or multiplayer, for the young or for the old… Game app downloads for mobile phones are endless and there’s honestly something to entertain everyone. And if you’ve fallen in love with a certain phone game, there are options to play phone games on the PC for some, if you really want to take the addiction to the next level.

In the past 10 years, we have watched game development improve almost beyond recognition. Graphics, speed, and general quality in video games have become realistic, interactive and altogether much more enjoyable. While game developers are slaving away in their labs making our gaming experience better and better we’ve put together some of the best free mobile phone games for you to download and enjoy! Be prepared to download some phone games by the time you’ve read all 15 on this list!

15. Road to be King

Among the most popular phone games, this is an endless survival game that eschews typical overhead land-based approaches or side-on leapy shenanigans. Instead, the game requires the player to drag the royal protagonist all around the screen as you attempt to avoid all deadly traps and foul creatures. Along the way, there are crystals for grabbing. In addition, there are power-ups for temporary reprieve against all your foes. Mostly, it is the control design and method that ensures Road to be King is a game worth sticking with. It features oddly echo bullet-hell shooters together with endless runners. As you begin recognizing patterns in the challenges that you pass, this game becomes a zen-like experience.

14. Sling Kong

There shall probably come a time when the cute video game animals shall gain sentience and then revolt against appalling situations that they find themselves in. however, until then, we’ve got Sling Kong. From the onset, you will know what to do: just stretch your little critter and then let go so as to ping them from one peg to another. All the while, you should avoid the hazards (exploding pegs, saw blades and smashing blocks of wood together) and a sticky end. The graphics in this game are cheerful, with animals looking somehow shocked at their surroundings and circumstances. The gameplay is compulsive, challenging and there is even originality that’s evident when winning the new characters. This involves bouncing your animal around the pachinko machine instead of the played-out Road-style gift boxes

13. Splash Cars

In the Splash Cars’ world, it appears everyone is a miserable grump except you. Their world is gray and dull. However, your magical vehicle will bring color to anything that it goes near. The police are not happy about this and they aim at bringing your hue-based shenanigans to an end by ramming your magical vehicle into oblivion. There is also the tiny snag of petrol tank that usually runs dry quite quickly. Splash Cars thus becomes a fun mobile game of zooming past buildings, fleeing from the fuzz, grabbing coins and petrol carelessly left lying around and trying to hit the amount-painted target before your timer runs out. Succeed and you’ll go on to better and bigger locations, with progressively powerful cars.

12. Angry Birds

This amazingly popular mobile game earned over 2 million downloads over its first weekend of availability. Despite myriad spinoffs and sequels, it is still a very great mobile game to play. The Android version this game is free, contrasting the Apple release. The maker, Rovio has opted to stick a few advertisements on it instead of charging an upfront fee. The end result is a massive and relatively challenging physics puzzler that is professional and incredibly polished.

11. Down The Mountain

With its hoppy instadeath mechanics, cute isometric visual styles and a wide range of characters to be won in the semi-randomized lottery, you will be forgiven for thinking that this game is similar to Crossy Road upended. Even though there are similarities, it becomes clear that Down The Mountain is an extremely different game when you play it. The game has you tackle leaping down the endless mountain where hazards come fast and thick. Even on its easy mode, you still have to think quickly, leaping right or left to avoid TNT, vicious spikes and bounding cars.

10. Gem Miner

In Gem Miner, you’re a mole character who likes digging things out from the ground. However, that is not important. Gem Miner itself has the player micro-managing all the raw materials that they find, upgrading their digging powers as they buy bigger, better tools as well as maps. The game looks great, plays well on the Android phones.

9. ConnecToo

This is yet another colored-square-based puzzle mobile game. ConnecToo has players joining them up. All you have to do is blue to blue and then red to red – then see whether you have left a pathway to link the yellow to yellow. In case you haven’t, delete it all and then try again. This is a brilliantly simple concept. Even though ConnecToo used to be a paid-for mobile game, it was recently switched to the ad-supported model. This means that it now costs nothing at all.

8. Tetris

This is regarded as the most successful mobile game to come from Russia since the release of the Russian roulette. Tetris hasn’t lost any of its gaming luster for 25 years since the game was first released. Today, you can play this game on your cell phone. Furthermore, it is free thanks to the EA’s free-to-play model. Well, free in that you have to dodge certain awfully intrusive ads. Nevertheless, the game still has the original Tetris music so we’re happy and so should you.

7. The Great Land Grab

A cross between the Foursquare and map tool, The Great Land Grab game sorts your local area to small rectangular land packets – which you can take ownership by traveling through them in the real-time and buy them up. Then another person nicks them off the next day, a bit like the real-world Risk. This is a great idea provided you do not mind nuking your phone’s battery by leaving the phone sitting there with the GPS radio on.

6. Flow Free

Flow Free is also one of the best free mobile games. You get several levels that you are able to play without paying anything. It will start costing you after you get addicted. And you certainly will because the game is very interesting. The objective of this game is to pair all the colors that will come flying at you and then cover the whole board. Do this and you’ll win the level – the game is that simple. You can choose to play on the level up system or even against the clock. Both of them are fun – do not let the pipes to overlap.

5. Cestos

Cestos is kind of a futuristic recreation of curling, where the players chuck marbles at one another in an attempt to smash everyone else’s gems/balls down the drain and also out of the zone. The best part of this game is this all this happens online against the real humans provided that there are a few other bored individuals out there at the time you will have a real, cheating, quitting, devious person to play against. Truly great!

4. GalaxIR

GalaxIR represents a futuristic strategy mobile game with the abstract look, where the players micro-manage attacking alien fleets. Pick a planet, an attack point and then hope that your troops will have the balls for carrying it off. The game doesn’t have much structure as yet. However, that’s what you will get when you are on a bleeding-edge of free and independent Android’s gaming development.

3. Alchemy Classic

There are very few variants on Alchemy Classic out there, each of them offering a weird experience. In this game, you have to match up elements so as to create their scientific offspring. As a result, dumping water on earth makes a new swamp. This is basically a brain teaser game and it’s best played by individuals who enjoy spending several hours in the company when in the elimination process.

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2. Wordfeud

Wordfeud is a superb little clone of the Scrabble game. However, it has a clear, big screen alongside online play options that truly work. The game has been offered free with some hefty ads over it thanks to its developer being based in Norway – a country that only received the paid-for apps sale support recently. Nevertheless, a paid version is currently available if you are so inclined. You can finally play an old classic with your friends, even if you’re not altogether physically at the time since this is one of the few multiplayer cell phones games on this list.

1. Meganoid

This is a stunning retro game. Meganoid looks and plays like something that should be running on the Nintendo emulator. However, it isn’t. The game is new and available on Android. This is a speed-based challenge that uses accelerometer or on-screen controls to bounce and jump through the ever-hardening levels. The developer, Orange Pixel supports it aggressively with constant characters, map packs and regularly appearing for downloads.


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Posted on May 5, 2023