What do iOS Developers do?

The iOS developers are programmers who design software for iPhones, iPads, iPods, and the Apple TV, which are products from Apple, Inc. The acronym, iOS, was originally used to denote the iPhone Operating System. The programmers must be able to interact on several levels, such as with customers, technical support teams, and other developers. The mobile apps must be easy to use and be supported by reference information that is available from technical service teams.


The programmers are usually computer software engineers who develop, debug, update, and install software for the iPhone Operating System, which includes apps for the compatible devices. The developer is responsible for using the appropriate codes and security measures for the apps, which must be designed to link with other apps, such as social networking, e-mail messages, and search engines. The software must be functional and not trigger error messages.


The developers should have extensive knowledge about several programming languages and be adept at handling requirements for the newest models of smartphones. The programmers must also be able to function as managers who can instruct and assist other personnel who are connected with offering the apps, such as sales teams and technical support teams. There must be written reference information that provides the steps to use for correcting problems with the apps. Therefore, the iOS developers will also be responsible for writing reference manuals and for conducting training sessions about the apps.

Education and Training 

Most iOS developers work for Apple, Inc. The programmers usually begin by learning skills and earning a bachelor’s degree in a program for computer software engineering. There are also advanced programs for earning degrees at the Master’s and PhD level. However, the developer will probably choose to gain more experience with programming languages and using software codes, which are crucial to the jobs for developers, such as with Java, JavaScript, C++, and .NET. JavaScript is used extensively with software applications. The salaries are dependent upon location and may begin at approximately $77,000, which is a salary that is paid for a highly skilled worker. Additional skills with programming languages and codes will raise the upper limit for the salaries.


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Posted on May 5, 2023