6 Times Your Body Odor Isn’t Normal

It can be embarrassing and uncomfortable dealing with body odors for everybody. But in reality, it is virtually impossible to smell like roses and freshly done laundry all the time. Body odor is normal! Except when it isn’t. Here are 6 times that your body odor isn’t normal, and may be cause for concern and time to seek medical intervention.

  1. Bad breath

We’re not talking about the bad breath you experience after consuming copious amounts of garlic bread. Extremely bad breath can indicate signs of diseases such as cancer, chronic reflux, and metabolic disorders. You could be feeding on meals that are low in carbs. This causes an awful breath known as ketone which is released when the body is burning fat.

  1. Sweat

It is normal to sweat mostly if you have no deodorant on. It is has been noticed that when one is stressed up their sweat smells awful. It even gets worse when combined with bacteria on the skin. The type of sweat that needs to be examined professionally is when it smells significantly different from your usual.

  1. Scalp smell

Okay, you haven’t washed your hair for one day too many. We get that! We are not talking about the usual smell of dirty/unwashed hair. This odor goes way above that, the cause of this smell has not been discovered yet. The most thought of causes is bacterial and fungal. It is, therefore, wise to thoroughly wash your scalp with antibacterial products regularly.

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  1. Vagina smell

It is normal for your vagina to produce smells, sometimes more potent than usual. These odors go away. But if you are experiencing a smelly discharge, it is the time you visited your gynecologist. The underlying issue could be sexually transmitted diseases or yeast infection.

  1. Stinky pee

You could be suffering from a urinary tract infection if your pee smells awful and you experience a burning pain while relieving yourself. Urine is usually odorless. If it is a UTI, cranberry juice works wonders for temporary relief, but your doctor will usually prescribe you antibiotics.

  1. Feet smell

Everyone is prone to smelly feet because we all have sweat glands on our feet. Research shows that our feet sweat more than any other part of our body. However, awful foot odors are produced when the sweat on our feet combine with the fungus normally on the top layer of our feet. It is advisable to change shoes so as to allow airing in them as well as proper cleaning of the feet.

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Posted on May 5, 2023