Men’s Underwear Types: Everything You Need To Know

There is something special about wearing new pants. That fresh feeling as you take them from your drawer, the firmness of the cloth, taught over your skin, the gentle thwack of the waistband. It sets you up for the day – whatever you are doing.

But it can so easily go wrong. There are so many different types of men’s underwear, choosing the best style for you is not necessarily the most straight-forward task. And wearing the wrong pants can just as easily spoil your day. All that squirming and itching is very uncomfortable.

Pants are probably the most important item in your wardrobe. Worn everyday, they sit close to your skin and cover the more sensitive parts of your anatomy, so read on to discover the difference between the main men’s underwear types and to gain an insight into what will help you look good and feel great.

What are the main types of men’s underwear?


Boxer shorts are the classic underwear style – popular since your dad was a lad, if not before, and so called because they are similar to the shorts worn by boxers. Simple really.

Boxer brief

The boxer brief is the modern classic. The go-to pants for a generation. Boxer briefs work best for taller, bigger men, especially those with more ample posteriors.


The men’s brief is something of a catch-all title (and, as we will see, a bit of a catch-all style too!).


A pouch for comfort and to hold everything in place; a shorter leg, so there is no uncomfortable bunching; and a lower rise, meaning the waistband sits below the hips, all the better to show-off your six pack.


The thong offers comfort and support while still giving the opportunity to go semi-commando.

How to choose the right type of underwear.

So what to do, know that you are armed with all this knowledge? You are, we hope, ready to become the consummate pants buyer, forever comfortable in your own pants and confident that when the trousers are down, you will look your best.

If we have any last bits of advice, it would be this:

1. Consider your body shape

Your priority should be comfort so choose a style that is likely to make you most comfortable. Think thighs, package and bum.

2. Consider activity and use

Try to bear in mind what activity you will be doing – does it all need to be held in – and what you will be wearing. It’s possible you will have different styles for different occasions.

3. Start with the classic colours

Work out what you look good in, what tones with your skin, before you venture into the world of colour. There is no pleasure in wearing the wrong pants. Uncomfortable underwear can ruin your day. It cuts, it chafes, it rides up, it slides down. In short, it makes you feel miserable. So spend time choosing the right styles for you and stride forth into the world. Comfortable. Confident. Sexy.

Posted on May 5, 2023