Enterprise Cloud Backup Solutions

Enterprise cloud storage is a public storage that is purchased from a cloud service provider (CSP) for all or most of an enterprise. Enterprise cloud storage can be contrasted with consumer cloud storage, which is usually free or sold at a low price to meet the needs of individual users. Finding the right backup solutions is of quite great importance for an organization to ensure business information security. Cloud technology offered new ways to do this. There are a lot of backup servers online providing various backup solutions, of which the following two have won high popularity and reputation.


Many leading enterprises rely on IBM Cloud as their prior choice in cloud. IBM Cloud offers more ways to migrate, modernize, build and easily connect innovative cloud applications. By using the open container architecture to move and manage workloads in the cloud, IBM managed to simplify the transition to the cloud with deep expertise and proven workload migration technology in the industry.

While ensuring the continued security of your applications and data, IBM helps businesses to safely migrate their data to the cloud. IBM can get comprehensive visibility and control in multicloud and local IT by integrating with industry-leading cloud security capabilities. It is built on a secure basis with end-to-end encryption and data protection, which can help you get continuous security in cloud-native applications with container services that provide built-in isolation and automated toolchain. No matter in cloud or AI, IBM is always the leading role offering cutting-edge products all over the world. Learn more about it and start your journey now.

2 Carbonite

Carbonite is an organization offering cloud backup services for complete data protection with a complete data protection platform for enterprises. from data backup & recovery to high-quality data migration and endpoint protection, it has the right solutions for your business.

Carbonite provides all the tools you need to protect your data from the most common forms of data loss, including ransomware, accidental deletions, hardware failures and natural disasters. From automatic computer backup to full protection of physical and virtual server environments, Carbonite ensures data accessibility and resiliency for any system.

Carbonite® began in 2005 as a company primarily serving families and small business users, Carbonite now provides data protection to more than 1.5 million customers and organizations. In early 2016, Carbonite acquired EVault, which used to be  a division of Seagate Technology. The expansion extends Carbonite’s data protection service range, including hybrid backup and disaster recovery services for large enterprises. A year later, after the acquisition of Double-Take Software, Carbonite expanded its enterprise-level solutions, adding a variety of high-availability and data migration services and consolidating Carbonite’s role of serving for various data protection needs.

Test your backup performance in your environment before purchasing a new solution. Ask your vendor if the backup speed test is effective. Tests should include upload/download speed testing and latency testing.

Some cloud backup software requires more bandwidth than other software. If you want to limit the amount of bandwidth taken up by your cloud backup solution, you should choose a cloud backup that runs continuously but only backs up new or changed files. If the files have not changed since the last backup, there is no need to back them up again.

When you choose a cloud backup provider, you also choose a technology partner who will work with your organization. Your cloud backup provider should provide reliable support so that your business time can meet your cloud backup and restore needs. Your provider should be able to resolve every issue and concern in a reliable, consistent, and fast manner. In sum, unlimited device backup, affordable, scalable cloud storage, fast disaster recovery options, automatically and continuously back up new and changed files, unlimited file version history retention length and reliable support are the key points you need to consider when making a decision.

Joyce Waston

Posted on May 5, 2023