10 Tips for Growing YouTube Subscribers

Starting a channel on YouTube is easy, but what isn’t easy is getting people to follow you. You want your channel to grow, of course. There are several things you can do, but you may need some tips. Here are 10 tips to help you grow a following on YouTube.

  1. Consistently add videos.
    One of the worst things YouTubers can do is fail to consistently add new videos to their websites. Pick a day and regularly add videos. If your videos take a while to make, maybe do it once or twice a week. Failing to consistently add videos will kill your channel and is one reason that several popular channels have fallen by the wayside.
  2. Keep your videos under three minutes.
    Unless you’re a gaming channel, keep your videos under three minutes. Any longer and you’ll start to lose the viewer’s attention. YouTube pays based on how many people view your videos. You won’t make money with long 10- or 20-minute videos unless you’re a gaming channel. For gaming channels, never go over 10 minutes.
  3. Monitor your “attention” score.
    Your attention score is based on the level of attention and the length of time people spend watching your videos. A solid red bar means you’re doing pretty well, but if your score is dropping off at a particular point, you need to make some improvements. Implement excellent storytelling, keep it short, and grab the viewer within the first five seconds.
  4. Follow the “five-second rule.”
    The five-second rule means you have five seconds to interest the viewer. You know how some people will read the first page of a book before they buy it? They do something similar on YouTube. People will watch five seconds of a video before determining whether they want to watch the whole thing or not. Create a hook that will pull people in based on the content you’re offering.
  5. Add featured channels.
    Adding featured channels will link those YouTubers to your channel. Whenever people view that YouTuber’s channel, yours will pop up as well. You can add featured channels by going to Click Modules, then Other Channels, and finally Save Changes. Add channels and click Save. Choose content creators who produce content that would interest your viewers.
  6. Collaborate with other YouTubers.
    Double your audience by collaborating with whomever you can. The more popular the channel, the higher the chances you’ll get more traffic. While it doesn’t have to be UberHaxorNova or JennaMarbles, you can look for creators that are on the same level as you. And don’t forget to cross-promote each other’s channels.
  7. Reach out to your top fans.
    YouTube shows you which followers interact with you and view your channel the most. Once you have this information, you can reach out to them and ask them to promote your channel across their social networks. You should do something in return for their support, such as give them shout-outs in your videos.
  8. Optimize for keyword searches.
    Optimize your videos for keyword searches. Take this step, and you’ll be shown when people search for relevant terms. If someone wants to watch you try out a product, you should include in the video title the product name and what you’re doing with it. An example is grav3yardgirl’s “PRODUCT: Does this thing really work?” Include this information in the title, description, and tags.
  9. Talk with your viewers and subscribers.
    Talking with your viewers and subscribers is a fast way to gain viewers. Those who view your videos will be glad you’re speaking with them, and they’ll be happy they have the chance to connect with you. Respond to their comments and engage them in conversation relevant to your content.
  10. Create playlists.
    Playlists give content creators the opportunity to appear twice in YouTube search results. Don’t add every single video you make into a playlist, but create relevant playlists that viewers can browse through at their leisure. It will also increase the number of views of similar videos that may be viewed less often. The playlists can also be comprised of other videos from other users, with one or two of yours included that are relevant to the other content.

Featured Image Source: Depositphotos/© ArtemSam

Posted on May 5, 2023