Secure Cloud Storage: What You Need To Know

If you need to store your files in one place to either back them up or sync with other computers, you may consider using cloud storage. You want something that’s secure so your files won’t get lost or stolen. Thankfully, there are companies that provide this necessary service. Here’s an overview of secure cloud storage.

What makes it secure?

Cloud storage allows you to save your information on another server or group of servers that you don’t own. Of course, this doesn’t sound too safe. What if someone decides to look at your information? Well, most services provide some sort of security for their cloud storage. A basic storage site has some security, but if you have sensitive files you may want added assurance—some companies provide complicated encryptions, which is the most effective way to achieve data security. These encryptions make it difficult for someone to read your data on the off chance that they actually get ahold of it. 

What companies encrypt?

There are plenty of companies in the market of cloud storage, but you don’t want to store everything in your iCloud just to have it stolen. Instead, consider a company like Tresorit—this company prides itself on its complex security algorithms. They even had a competition, offering $50,000 to anyone that could crack their security—after 1,056 hackers and 468 days, not a single one succeeded. Prices for Tresorit start at $25 per month and allows up to 1,000GB of encrypted data.

SpiderOak is another company that’s also well known for effectively protecting data and retaining no knowledge of your information. Everything you store with SpiderOak is completely private and only readable by you, which ensures absolute confidentiality. You can get 2GB of data for free or pay as little as $7 per month for 30GB of data. Plus, every package comes with a free 60-day trial so you can try before you buy.

Photo: Depositphotos/© ra2studio

Posted on May 5, 2023