Best Hosted VOIP Systems for Small Business

Implementing a hosted PBX VOIP system is one of the most effective ways to enhance effectiveness and save money for your company. But what provider wins when comparing the best hosted VOIP systems for small business? Look below to see some of the advantages your group will enjoy by implementing a hosted PBX system and stepping out of the old school. Benefits include no need for equipment, ease of increasing capacity, access via the internet, significant savings on call packages, and crossover app functionality. Comparing the best hosted VOIP systems for small business and analyzing their features will help you choose the one best for your organizational needs. Here are ten of the best hosted VOIP systems for small business.


The go-to VOIP service provider for small and medium-sized businesses, RingCentral comes with many advanced crossover functionalities and powerful features such as integration with Salesforce and call recording. They’ve fully established themselves as one of the best hosted VOIP systems for small business with over 300,000 clients across the globe.

Additionally, RingCentral comes with free set up, US-based implementation, and free customer service. Basic plans start as low as $24.99 per user per month,  and unlimited calls to Canada and within the US. Key features include call queuing, group calling and auto attendant functions for better call handling. It provides unlimited SMS, fax and conferencing, and support for Bring Your Own Devices (BOYD). It also comes with 1000 toll-free minutes on the lowest plan, mobile apps for BlackBerry, Android, iPad, and iPhone. Google, Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Office, Box, and Dropbox are just some of the software integration capabilities RingCentral provides.

Vonage Business Solutions

Equally important, Vonage has one of the most flexible DIY plans for hosted PBX service. They include features such as voicemail transcription, call recording, conference bridge, as well as toll-free and local number among others. You also have the option of many other additional functionalities and features that can customize to your business needs.

With over 2.4 million global clients, Vonage is the best provider for high-growth companies with a global footprint that one would benefit from its communications experience. Basic plans start at $39.99 per user and offer unlimited calls to Canada and the US. Key features include one inbox for all messages, virtual receptionist, conference bridge, customizable call groups, paperless fax, call recording, and voicemail.


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To meet different business needs, Nextiva has three plans – Office Enterprise, Office Pro Plus, and Office Pro. Standard features on all plans include advanced call management, voicemail to email/text, and unlimited calls. Targeting small to medium-sized businesses, Nextiva provides some of the most affordable packages that come with premium features like team presence and HD voice.

With more than 100,000 clients worldwide, Nextiva is an international technology brand who has won over 30 independent technology and telephony awards. Small-medium plans start at $19.95 and come with unlimited calls to Canada and the US while Office Pro Plus costs $22.95 a month per user. Altogether key features include call recording, HD voice,  unlimited virtual faxing,  voicemail to email transcription, and auto attendant. Office Pro Plus adds team presence and a mobile app to these features.


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Mitel offers a comprehensive hosted business class VOIP solutionS with cloud hosting and phones. Their packages come with five plans for a variety of needs, including Business Lite, Professional, Business Extension Only, Business Advanced, and Business Extension Only with Voicemail. In general, this company is a very convenient choice for corporate medium sized businesses that need comprehensive SEO solutions.

An American company, Mitel has operations in over 100 countries and serve over 60 million clients. Moreover, key features include automatic call routing, mobile twinning, voice conferencing, voicemail, mail forwarding, unified voice messaging, call recording, and auto attendant.


8×8 is a company that provides either the Virtual Office or Virtual  Office Pro. The standard package has compatibility with enterprise (business) apps, auto attendant, a mobile app, and unlimited calls. 8×8 is good for those seeking a variety of functions like mobility, conferencing, collaboration, and business telephony in one affordable package.

In addition, 8×8 is a multinational with over 40,000 clients around the globe. Pricing is available on their company site. Key features include online call management, integration features, instant messaging, web conferencing, internet fax, and call recording.


Jive provides business class VOIP at tiered pricing depending on how many users will be on the system. Jive’s systems are custom made on a cloud platform. What makes them so unique is the full functionality associated with corporate users, a feature available to small businesses at all price points.

All plans come with mobility, auto attendant, find/follow me, fax to email and three-way conferencing. Furthermore as an American company, it counts among its customer public and private sector clients. Jive’s lowest plan for 1-4 users starts at $29.95 a month, dropping to $19.95 a month for 50-100 users. Key features include web portal, conference bridge, Chrome integration, Oracle, ZenDesk, Salesforce, call monitoring/recording, and advanced analytics.


ShoreTel hosted VOIP services include voice, mobility, and collaboration services provided under the ShoreTel Sky brand. The company has been a trendsetter in the hosted VOIP market since combining cloud-based service, software, and hardware as comprehensive solutions. ShoreTel mainly targets medium and small businesses.

Key features include reservationless conferencing, voice messages to text, presence, mobility application, call recording and CRM system integration. Generally speaking, ShoreTel is a solution if your business intends to phase out old telephony systems. Since it also has hardware solutions, you can continue using legacy solutions until you are ready to migrate fully to a hosted solution.


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Corvisa offers hosted contact center solutions. With plenty of experience in contact center technologies, Corvisa’s hosted VOIP services are better than most other companies’ in respect to features typically found in contact centers. Contact center functionality can be very useful if your business is of medium size but cannot yet afford a self-hosted contact center solution. Corvisa’s solutions are ideal for synchronizing and managing of call services across mobile and fixed devices.

Furthermore, basic plans start at $25 per month per user. Some features include visual voicemail, queue based routing, integration with enterprise applications, three-way conferencing, auto attendant, call handling/recording, and a contact center. In essence, this contact center functionality can be very useful if your business is medium size, but can’t yet afford a self-hosted contact center solution.


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Five9 is another one of the best hosted VOIP systems for small business. They provide virtual cloud-based comprehensive contact center solutions, which can run on broadband connection or PC. By having a 100% VOIP virtual contact center supplier, the company provides some of the best functionalities and solutions that are not only affordable but easy to manage.

An American company serving over 100,000 clients all over the world, check out their website for pricing. All in all, Five9 offers blended, outbound, and inbound solutions. Key features include centralized management, real-time reporting, CRM, ACD, and IVR in a simple system, call recording, predictive dialer, skill-based routing, and remote agent capabilities.

best hosted voip systems for small business, business class voip, hosted voip systems


Our final entry of best hosted VOIP systems for small business is They specialize in small business specifically by providing hosted VOIP solutions that have more than 50 customizable solutions.’s services are compatible with any mobile or fixed devices. The compatibility and integration make it a one-size-fits-all solution that you can implement and customize, regardless of your business size. is an American company serving more than 25,000 clients. Moreover, their standard plan starts at $9 a month from which you can make flat rate nationwide calls. Equally important, key features include conference bridge, optional voicemail transcription, mobility, call handling rules, auto attendant, and call notification.

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Posted on May 5, 2023