Human Beings Out-Performing Robots On The Assembly Line

Robots are being replaced by humans, and this doesn’t exactly upset many people. You want to make sure that you are able to follow all of the instructions with owning one of these vehicles. The fact of the matter is that human beings are better at knowing what consumers want in a vehicle than robots do. Robots simply do what humans tell them to do, they aren’t able to come up with their own ideas.

Here are a few ways that human beings are out-performing robots on the assembly line:


It is a good thing that robots are being replaced by humans. Mercedes-Benz is backtracking. You want to be able to know that your vehicle is being made with that human touch. Sure, Mercedes-Benz is still using robots in a few select situations. The concept of robot farming is something that companies are going to use in places where human beings simply aren’t cost effective.


People that are loyal to the brand of Mercedes-Benz will definitely take the time to purchase one of these vehicles. You want to make sure that these vehicles are good for family trips, the designers of the vehicle understand the importance of durability. Youthful consumers need to learn more about the need to keep human beings working in the field of auto manufacturing, as opposed to robots. Robots and human beings can ultimately co-exist on the assembly line. The use of technology where people and robots can work together will be extremely helpful. The production process can be smoother with human beings at the helm.


The design of the vehicle is something that can take time. It is important to pay attention to detail. Human beings have a better eye for detail than robots. Robots are not programmed to pay attention to the slightest of details in most cases. Mercedes-Benz wants to backtrack, using humans again so the quality of their product continues to increase. Human beings do a much better job of creating heated and cooled cup holders. The cup holders needed to be placed in the right location within the car. If the cup holder is not in the right place, giving someone enough elbow room then it can be a problem. Human beings have a better understanding of the necessary elbow space within a car. You also should know that human beings may be better at placing an armrest somewhere.


Flexibility is definitely an area where humans currently do a better job than robots. It is very true that most robots are not very good at multi-tasking, while robots are going to be able to focus on a rigid skill that does not require it to change on the fly. Robots are being replaced by human beings due to the fact that human beings are better at handling complex tasks. Human beings are better able to adapt to change as well. Human beings are going to be able to communicate better and the team at Mercedes-Benz understands this.


Featured Image Source: Thinkstock / Vladyslav Otsiatsia

Posted on May 5, 2023