Information Resources for Private Branch eXchange (PBX)

Locate private branch eXchange (PBX) information resources to find a telephone system to use within your company in order to get free desk-to-desk calling while keeping one central line into your organization. A common external phone line gives customers one point of contact with your organization while keeping your costs down to make phone calls internally. Use your PBX reference to learn how other businesses use PBX lines to connect to public switched telephone networks (PSTN) via trunk lines. It is using a PBX and a trunk system that you may be familiar with the term extension. A caller dials into one main line, and they are routed to a particular phone in the building that branches off of the main phone line’s trunk.

To make the most of PBX information resources:

  • Start with general PBX info. Know and understand the terms before you contact any service or hardware providers.
  • Track PBX reference materials on the latest PBX technology.
  • Speak to a qualified professional and discuss PBX options for your business.

Basic PBX information

Get to know the fundamentals of PBX information before speaking to any service providers. Have at least a partial understanding of the concept and be familiar with the terms. The Washington State Department of Information Services has to share on private branch exchange configuration and information. Webopedia offers a short but effective definition of PBX, while TechWeb offers additional information and vintage pictures.

Research on Advanced PBX Systems

See what technology PBX research has brought us. From VoIP to open source to digital PBX systems, see what options are available aside from just analog services.

Seek PBX Information on Non-Analog Providers

Look into the providers who have expanded into services such as digital PBX information, VoIP with PBX information or other advanced research on PBX. As with any good negotiation, be sure and receive quotes and PBX info from at least three service providers before committing to one in particular for your business needs. Make sure that free troubleshooting is available in case of an issue with the hardware.



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Posted on May 5, 2023